Anonymous Chatting (1D)

Lucy is just another teenager girl, who lives in Denmark, and loves hanging out with her friends. Her Family can be a little bit annoying sometimes, but again what do you expect when you have a mum, a dad and a younger brother.
This years summer is going to be a bit boring as Lucys mum and dad wants the whole family to go on a trip all around England by car, and then afterwards Mullingar..
But will it be as boring as Lucy thinks? And who is that guy from the Anonymous chatting website?


2. Chatting website

‘Come on in here I need to show you something’

Nora was screaming from her room, while I was in the kitchen getting us something to drink. I was wondering what it was she wanted to show me. Probably not something very exciting as she made me think it was. That was a typical Nora thing… She thought that everything was very exciting, even when it wasn’t.

‘I’m coming in a sec’

I shout back to her, while pouring some soda into two cups. I walk back to Nora’s room, while trying to balance with the two cups, one in each hand.

‘Here you go’

I give Nora one of the cups. She quickly looks at me, and then she looks at the computer again.


I can hear her mumble.

‘So you wanted to show me something?’

‘Yeah, it’s quite a funny website. Look.’

She points at the screen, but I can’t see anything else than some writing.

‘What is it?’

I ask her with a bit of a weird looking face.

‘It’s a chatting website. Everyone is totally anonymous, and if you don’t want to chat with people, you can just push this button, and then the website connects you with a new person.’

She points at a button at the top of the screen, and shows me how it works.

‘There are people from everywhere in the world in here! Maybe we could find a friend from a whole other country.’

I sit down next to her. It actually sounds quite interesting if you ask me. You could actually learn stuff from this, other cultures and so.

‘Some of the people in here are kind of perverted though….’

She adds with a little laugh.

‘But then you can just skip them.’  

We sat the rest of the day chatting with random people and it was quite funny! Some of the people were actually quite nice talking to. 

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