Lillian and The Doctor - The Girl Who Stole Time

This is a continued written-version of a comic book I made with my own version of Doctor Who, it's best to read from Series 3 onwards to understand what's happened so far as this just carries on from the previous part.


1. Part 7 - Too Late

“Take me home, Doctor.” The Doctor stopped in his quick pacing, and stared clueless at Lillian. She had been quite still and silent for the majority of the journey; hanging over the railings, gazing down at the shoes the Doctor had bought her at the small market stall at the Planet, Abshir.

Slowly he walked over to the girl, and swayed himself under the railings and sat next to her. “And not where we first met. I don’t live there. Not in that dimension either.” He squinted. “Lillian, what are you hiding?” She slowly shifted her head and just stared into his eyes. It was almost as though a thousands secrets and lies wanted to pour from her eyes into the Doctor’s palms, but she wasn't holding onto them as tight as she could. She slowly opened her mouth, but only a long sighed came out and she went back to staring downwards.

"Has something bad happened?" He placed his arm delicately around her shoulders, which made her slumped onto his chest. "Doctor, I....I've done a bad thing. More or so mistakes, but...oh, these are going to come with massive consequences and I'm already feeling them" "Is it about that Sand Timer?" That's when her eyes lit up."Take me home now, Doctor. No more questions." Aggression was in her voice as it slightly cracked, the Doctor could tell he hit a nerve so decided not protest against her. Removing his arm, he got up and moved swiftly towards the control panel.

"If possible, take me to North London, 2013, New Years Day." "Whatever you say" And with a strong pull of the lever, they were off. An adventure? Maybe.


"Aye, Martin, you seen Lily anyway? Or Corina?" Cried  a very inebriated woman waving to her friend from over the road, staggering out of a pub. He waved back and proceeded into walking across the road to meet her. "They were here a few minutes ago, I know Lily was talking about giving Cory a special present for her birthday, but was keeping it all a secret. Nothing bad has happened right, Tay?" "No, no." She placed her hand on his shoulder to keep her balance. "It's just her mum's saying the cake has been ready for her for the past 10 minutes and Lily's boyfriend called, so yeah know." "Don't worry, they'll turn up soon" Martin took Tay around the shoulder and escorted her back towards the Pub.

As soon as the door closed behind them, a unusual noise faded in, like a disorted siren, which was followed by a blue box to fade into the middle of the road. Thud. The door swinged open and out walked was Lillian and turned round towards the Pub, the Doctor quickly hurried after her. She could hear his pacing behind her, so she stopped in her tracks. "Doctor, stay in the TARDIS. I need to sort whatever I've done on my own." She continued towards the Pub doors. The Doctor became quite saddened and slowly moved himself back to the TARDIS, alone.

"Ayyyyyeee, Lil-LAY!" A loud, and even more drunk Tay yelled across the room, before slumping downwards and vomiting onto her shoes. Lillian seem to start getting anxious, but tried to act 'natural' in front of the guest. Before she could register her surrounding, a very heated women forced herself in Lillian's face. "Where's Corina?! The cake looks like cardboard painted in icing!" Lillian's was too scared that one of the veins was about to pop right at her. "'m trying to find her.." "You've lost her?" "No, er, we were kind of a bit tipsy and ended up playing Hide and Seek. As you can see, she's winning!" She tried to force a laugh but it ended up as a cough. "Well find her quick, Sherlock!" The women paced back behind the bar and into a room that seemed to be the kitchen. Lillian slowly took a deep breath and walked towards her now very tired and emotional friend, Tay. "Hey how long was I gone for?" All she got back was a hiccup. Martin came towards her, "Well I think you and Cory left about half an hour ago." Her head quick directed up to the clock handing on the wall over the main bar. 'That can't be right. I swear we left an hour ago...' It clicked in her head, something wasn't right.

"Thanks Marty, I'll be right back" Before he could respond she had already gone. She turned the corner and strode down the road, as the street lights became dimmer. She was so focused, she hadn't realised the TARDIS had gone. As she got to the end of the road, only one illuminated lamp was visible. Her subtly ginger locks glowed in the light as it danced in the cool breeze around her. She turned and slowly began walking down a gloomy alley way. She seemed to be scanning the dark and damp area for something, but didn't looked confident she knew what she was actually looking for. "Co-Corina?" She whispered, but only had her echo reply to her. Then suddenly she froze. She began to kneel down to pick up what was, her best friend's locket. The one she never took off, but when they left the Pub, she complained of having a rash to only removed it, for awhile.

"No...Don't tell me I'm too late" She kept repeating her words as soon her eyes began to tear up. Barely being about to get in a word in as her tears were drowning them, she buried her head into her palms and sulked. "Time is creeping up on you, dear...Lillian"

Quickly lifted her head upwards to be greeted by a mysterious, misty figure. Stuttering, she tried to get a word through, "Y-yo-you. YOU! What have you done to Corina?! WE HAD A DEAL!" "And you didn't follow the rules!" A sly, schemeful grin formed in the fog. "I didn't, I'm sure. And didn't even go many places with that goddamn Sand Timer" "Speaking of which, where is it?" Silence broke in. Lillian's breathing began to get uneven, trying to think of a excuse but her mind was scattered. " was destroyed.." The figure didn't to show any reaction, but simply disappeared. "WAIT! Where's Corina?!" She tried to grab hold of it, but she was too late. As usually. Her breathes shortened as fear took over her. She knew she had broken the rules, but she didn't think they were that important. Silly mistakes. And the loss of the Sand Timer; surely they would see she didn't have any way of stopping it from happening. 'But what if they don't see it wasn't on purpose? What are they going to do with me? What are they going to do with...

Before her thoughts could carry on any longer, her whole body was surrounding and consumed by a blackened cloud. Her scream was muted too soon for anyone to notice.

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