you only had one side (harry styles fanfiction)

this story is about melanie a senior in highschool. she is very smart and a teacher askes her to tutor harry, harry styles she doesnt want to but does it anyway.they soon fall in love but, will she love both sides of him???


1. tutor

melanie's pov

the bell had just rang i was gathering my things to head to i was walking out the door mr.cullen

my biology teacher said,

"melanie, can i speak with you?" i took a few steps back

"sure" i replied

" um i was wondering if you could tutor someone....just for this term."

"but the term just started"

"please you'll get extra credit"

"fine, who?" i  wondered

"harry, harry styles"

oh no, no, no, no not him anyone but him thats what i wanted to say but instead i said,


'thank you"

"no problem" well actually there was a problem i DID NOT want to tutor him!

as i walked to lunch i couldn't believe i was tutoring harry, out of all those people harry. there were alot of rumors about him but i didnt believe any of them. they said he did drugs and got in trouble... A LOT. thats why he was never at school. but of course people lie all the time. i had him the first year of highschool and he was very quiet not social at all.... like me. i guess something happened because now he seems like a total different person. i wanted to find out why.


harry's pov

right after biology which i have after lunch my teacher tol d me i would have a tutor after school to pass the grade or well atleast his class or else i would fail. he told me her name was melanie, then it hit me she was in my class in the ninth grade. i had the biggest crush on her but never told her. then, "something" happened and i turned into the person i am now.

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