you only had one side (harry styles fanfiction)

this story is about melanie a senior in highschool. she is very smart and a teacher askes her to tutor harry, harry styles she doesnt want to but does it anyway.they soon fall in love but, will she love both sides of him???


4. not a question just a fact and a kiss

melanie's pov

i was lost in my thoughts when i heard harry speak,

"we're here" his british accent getting me ever time

"oh, uh thanks..i still owe you one" i said getting out of his car

"i know thats why your going on a date with me friday night at 8:00, wear something pretty" he said the last part with a wink then he had driven off. i had to admit i didn't see that coming....but im glad it came!


harry's pov

i cant believe i just said that i mean i was glad i did but, i've never done anything like that. what was i thinking..well that was the problem i wasn't thinking.  i realized i couldn't just leave without her number. i took a quick turn and i was back at her house. when i got there she was just opening the house. i was about to bump into her when she turned around. our bodies against each others.

"harry what are you doing here?" she questioned

" nothing just forgo........"she didn't let me finish suddently her lips were on mine. i smiled into the kiss. she finally pushed away.

"um..right my number" she reached down my back pocket to get my crappy iphone. she punched her numbr in and gave it back, she said,

"i,ll be waiting for your call" she said with her beautiful smile. i gave her a quick kiss on the cheek and headed to my car.

"can't wait to see what you wear on our first date" he did his famous winks and drove off.


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