you only had one side (harry styles fanfiction)

this story is about melanie a senior in highschool. she is very smart and a teacher askes her to tutor harry, harry styles she doesnt want to but does it anyway.they soon fall in love but, will she love both sides of him???


2. library

harry's pov

mr.cullen told me to meet her in the library so i did. might as well get it over with. when i got there she wasn't ther yet so i decided to pick a spot in the corner that was empty. well it wasn't that difficult because i mean who would go to the library after school? she got there a few minutes later.


melanie's pov

when i got to the library harry was already there atleast i knew he wouldn't be late all the time which was what i expected

"hello" he said in a british accent  the first time i heard him was magical.

"um..hi, im going to be tutoring you? it sounded more like a question

"um yea for biology" he answered

"okay then lets gets started!' trying to sound cheerful he smirked

after going through some of the basic stuff we took a small break he spoke,

"you were in one of my classes freshmen year..right?" i was not expecting that

" oh, um..yea you remember?" i questioned

" how could i forget..oh! i mean um y-yea." omg did he just say that did he actually just say that!! for some reason when he said that i felt butterflies in my stomach, i dont no why i mean i dont like him or melanie!! what are you thinking that was years ago. i cant believe i just admited i had a crush on him freshmen year...but its okay because thats over..right? right in the middle of my thoughts i heard a  voice...not harrys,

"what are you kids doing here the library closed 5 minutes ago!" it was mr.stevenson the meanest teacher in school.

i was about to respond when harry said,

"im sorry mr.stevenson we lost track of  time" that suprised me he sounded  like a gentlemen well maybe people just saw him in a bad way i mean you should never judge a book by its cover.

we quickly gathered our books and headed out the library

"do you have a ride home?" he asked me

"umm..well  no"

"i can drive you home if you'd like"

"no i dont want to bother you, i can walk"

" its about to rain and its no bother, i want to"

"okay, thank you but i owe you one"

"alright" he said with a big smile on his face showing his dimples and  his straight white teeth.

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