you only had one side (harry styles fanfiction)

this story is about melanie a senior in highschool. she is very smart and a teacher askes her to tutor harry, harry styles she doesnt want to but does it anyway.they soon fall in love but, will she love both sides of him???


5. falling hard,and the first date

melanie's pov

today has been a wonderful day. i didn't tutor harry which sucked but i was going shopping......yes, for our date. i have nothing "pretty" to wear which was what harry had said. today at school i made two new friends, ingrid, she was tan, tall, skinny and she had long brown wavy hair. my other friend was named janny, she was also tall, skinny but she was very pale and her hair was golden brown.they decided we would all go to the mall today and they would help me choose something.

i was walking home from school sense today i didn't have to tutor harry,when i felt some hand wrap around my waist. i turned around to see harry. then i smiled a bit. he said,

"let me drive you home" he wispered into my ear

i nodded in we walked to his car he took hold of my hand, whenever he touched me it was magical.


harry's pov

tommorow was my first date with melanie, well my first date in general but i couldn't wait. i don't know what she was doing today that she was off from tutoring me. so i asked.

"um, what are you doing this afternoon" i said as i opened the door for her.

"im going to the mall with some friends....i don't think u would like to come..right??"

"nope im fine" i said with a smile.she smiled too, i love the way she smiles!


the ride to her house was quiet but it wasn't bad was nice. it was a pretty short drive though we were infront of her house,

"so i guess i'll see you tomorrow at school: im gonna be alone tonight u can come later..if you want, i dont like being alone"

"sure..text me what time...i'll be here"  i winked. she blushed and headed for her house.

"i'll  be waitng for your text!!"  i yelled, she turned around and laughs. god why is she so beautiful??




well i went shopping and got a a black dress and red heels..i hope its not too much heres a picture


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