you only had one side (harry styles fanfiction)

this story is about melanie a senior in highschool. she is very smart and a teacher askes her to tutor harry, harry styles she doesnt want to but does it anyway.they soon fall in love but, will she love both sides of him???


3. car drive, and awkward moments

melanie's pov

i got in his car as he was holding the door open for me. i dont know why they say such bad things about him he's a really good guy. i just spent the after noon with him. i dont know why but i think i kinda like him, i mean i spent the whole afternoon with him and hes such a good guy.but what am i thinking its not like he will ever like me back. then i heard the door slam softly. And he appeared on the other side hopping into his car,

"um.. i dont know where yo live" he said with a small laugh at the end

"oh right.. um go staight take a left then go straight take a right then another left." i turned to look at him when he didn't anser me, he had a confused look on his face

"i'll tell you on the way,"

"thanks" he said with a sigh of relief and a smile... i smiled also


harry's pov

the reason i wanted to take her home was because i wanted to know more about her. i mean there has to be a reason why i liked her freshmen year. she probaly thinks this is the worst day of her life having to spend the whole afternnoon with me.there are many rumors going on about me, most of them aren't true but sadly some are. i wish they weren't but they are. but who am i kidding she would never like me. and i couldn't get her closer to me i knew i would hurt her i had to think of something to say tho,

"what kind of music do you listen to?" i was curious

" turrn left.. um i listen mostly to rock with the exception of one direction"

" seriously." he said in a serious voice

im not kidding" i responded

"okay.suurre.. so name bands" he said playfully

"umm...paramore, mayday parade, fall out boy, panic at the disco and the beetles those are some of my favorite."

"wow you have a great taste in music!!" i was so cheered another reason to like her more.

"wait you know those bands?"

"yes those are some of favorite too..your the first person i  know that listtens to them!!'

"me too!!" i laughed at her little squealy voice


"nothing your just so cute when you get all happy" oh s*** why'd i just say that

"im sorry" i said

"don't be..thank you "she looked down and blushed i grinned she looked so cute when she blushed too, but i reminded myself not to say it out loud this time. that was an awkward moment for both of us.

"we're here" i said



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