Sanguine Town: Westby Ravensdale - The Lady in Grey

Westby Ravensdale is an eccentric private investigator in Sanguine Town with an ability that sets him apart from all others. He is capable of analysing a situation and coming up with an answer in seconds, making the secret weapon of both the Police and the matter how much he may frustrate them. With his helpful companion, George Malcolm, Westby faces up to any and all fascinating cases, bringing his unique methods to play. --- "The Lady in Grey" is the first in a series of Westby Ravensdale stories. George Malcolm is introduced to the detective, and is thrown head first into a case involving a mysterious spectral lady. --- Confession: Inspired by Sherlock Holmes. Largely a placement of Sherlock into a Supernatural setting. --- Thanks to Christie_xx for the cover drawing.


15. Catching a Witch

“Before you go,” I said as he reached the door. “Do you know the code for the Internet connection?”

Westby smiled, removed a piece of paper from his pocket and wrote on it. He stared at it for a moment, and then scrunched it into a ball and threw it at me. “It’s on there.” Moments later he had descended the staircase and was gone.

“That man…” I muttered, unrolling the paper and reading the code. I read it twice, deciphering Westby’s handwriting, and then connected to the Internet connection Mr. Hambleton had so kindly set up for us. My first goal was to know where Westby was, and the best way to do so was to use a GPS tracking website I knew from working at the University.

It was very clever. As all of the students had mobile phones, we would get their numbers so that we knew where they were when they were meant to be in lessons.

Fortunately, it also worked for phones owned by the general public. However, it was a government site, and it had been designed for use in government institutions, schools included.

Somehow I doubted the government would be happy with me using it to know my housemate’s location, but if he was going to be confronting a witch, I wanted to know where he was.

I took my phone from my pocket and found Westby’s number, which I subsequently entered onto the website’s systems.

To my amazement, he was already a fair distance from the house, so I guessed that he had caught a cab. He seemed to be heading towards the north of Sanguine Town, roughly in the direction of the University and High School.

I sighed and leaned back in my chair, able to relax at last. Or so I thought. As I closed my eyes to restore my energy, my phone started ringing in my pocket. I thought it was probably Westby calling to ask me to do something, but instead, upon answering, I heard Doyle’s voice.

“Hello, Dr. Malcolm. Is Westby there?” he asked.

“No. He’s…” I paused, unsure whether I should share the information with Doyle or not. After a moment, I decided that it would be better to tell him, just so he knew we were making advances on the case. “He’s going to find the Lady in Grey.”

“What?” Doyle cried. “Alone?

“Yes.” To me there didn’t seem to be anything worrying or particularly strange about it, even in my short time of knowing Mr. Ravensdale. Doyle, however, seemed panicked.

“That idiot! Listen to me, Doctor, Westby is too reckless. If he’s going to find the Lady in Grey…” There was a pause. “He’s putting his life in danger. You need to find him. I don’t think he’s ever dealt with an unstable witch before.”

I hesitated. “Okay, Doyle.” I looked at the computer screen, and saw he was stationary, and from the look of things, he looked like he was inside a house. “I’m going to give you an address where you can most likely find us.”


After giving Doyle the address, I hurried out of the house and hailed a taxi with the intention of reaching Westby as soon as possible.

I had told the driver to get me there quickly, and quickly it was, as the driver seemed to know every shortcut in the city.

After paying the driver for the lift, I hurried up to the house – a small place with a very natural feel to it – and passed a few small trees to get to the door. Thinking that Westby would likely be frustrated by my intrusion, I went to the window instead, and resolved to peek in without being seen.

To my luck, the first window I went to looked in on Westby and a woman I guessed to be Francesca Nightingale – a guess supported by the grey dress and veil she was wearing.

I was fairly good at lip-reading, and Westby was positioned in a way that allowed me to, if only just. The veil obscured the Lady in Grey’s lips, so I had no idea what the actual conversation was.

“You know why I’m here,” Westby said in an indeterminate tone. After a pause in which the Lady in Grey nodded, he continued. “I know why you killed William Jacobson. Infidelity would drive you to do that, I know, as would being cut out of a business deal. Yes, I know about that. But it’s over now. I’m going to arrest you…well, sort of. I’m going to keep you here so the Police can arrest you. So, will you come willingly?”

The next thing that happened scared me so much I almost jumped through the window to help.

The Lady in Grey pulled out a pistol and held it to Westby’s head, her body almost entirely composed and unmoving.

“Well…this is no way to behave,” Westby said, putting his hands in the air. “What would you gain by killing me? I have a friend who knows I’m here…oh; you’ll find him too? Sure.”
It was at this point that I nearly jumped through to help, but then Westby did something I never thought I’d see.

With a deft movement of his hand he took the gun and knocked it to the floor. “I don’t use guns, so neither should you,” he said. “Now, please just stand still whilst my friend calls the police.” He looked out at my shocked face and winked. He put his hand to his ear to make it resemble a phone and smiled.

I crouched down at the window for a moment more, and then stood up and removed my phone from its place.

“Doyle,” I said after he picked up. “Remember the address I gave you? Well, get some people down here. Westby has the Lady in Grey.”

“Right. We’ll be there soon.”


Unsure what to do next, I decided to head into the house to find Westby, and hopefully have a chance to relax at last, now that the case was finally done.

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