Louis tomlinsons baby sister <3

Lily has been in a children's home for all her life. She's constantly being bullied by Lola and her boyfriend dave. What will happen when lily finds out that her brother Is no other than LOUIS TOMLINSON!! Well she live happily ever after? Will the rest of the band fall for her? There will be heart breaks and hurt but also happiness:)


1. Chapter one

Lily's pov
I'm ready. Today of all days are the worst. A Wednesday! I'm not even joking the school I go to have 7 classes a day! I mean who the hell invented that! Isn't it worst enough just going to school let alone having 7 boring lessons which you don't even want to Learn about. Here's my amazing time table (note the sarcasm) 
Morning reg-8:20-8:30
B. R. E. A. K 10:50-11:30
Spanish- 11:35-12:45
LUNCHHH 12:50-1:30
Drama-3:45-5 (I have longer drama lessons cuz they think I'm talented cute right!)
Music-5-6:30 (Again longer lessons because they think I'm talented) 

Well I wish one thing(A/N SEE WHAT I DID THERE ;) ) that break and lunch wasn't so long! It's a living hell. I go to the library or to the drama or music studios because I have no friends. I'm not even joking! Once upon a time I had quite a few... But since Lola and dave have been together everyone has drifted away. Lola and dave regularly beat me. Mentally and physically. I've lost count of how many times they've called me useless,ugly,fat,nobody will like let alone love you and of course worst words than that. BRINGGG (oh yes that was my very good expression of a bell good right note my sarcasm) great here goes my first lesson of the day...maths :(

Authors note:
HEYYY :) soo I've decided to write another fanfic and hopefully I'll plan this one better then the last ones. Don't worry one direction will be in the next chapter :) I won't be updating till 3 likes and 3 comments so yeah :) 

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