I Give Up on Life and The Human Race

Maia is a normal girl, she has friends but is not hugely popular, her family is normal but her life will be flipped upside down when she gets some devastating news. Will she keep going or give up?


2. I Give up

The tiny drops of rain fell on to my cheeks and on the my partly open lips. I opened my eyes and looked up at the grey clouds floating and swirling in the wind. And I felt nothing. How sad is that to feel completely empty with no love or compassion inside of you, well thats how I have felt for every day this past year and the only thing that could change that is now gone. Do you know how that feels to have the thing you loved so much ripped from you so suddenly that you didn't even realise it until it was too late, well i do and it hurt so much. More than anything you could imagine its like someone has crushed every single one of your ribs and all of the splinters are piercing every important organ you have but it still doesn't hurt as much as. 

"Nathan" i heard her voice as a whisper, 

"Miai, is that you?" I shot up  quickly, to find nothing but myself sitting on the grass on my own. I lay back down wondering if my mind just imagined it all then i heard it again,

"Nathan i love you so much" I didn't open my eyes this time i just sat there a smiled.

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