Aeliana Mikaelson

What happens when you come back to a world from which you were torn in the past with no memories of the time you spent here? That happened to Aeliana Mikaelson, the lost child in the Mikaelson family. Want to know how it goes? Read and explore her mind while she has to face her past.


1. Sucked in

 I was walking home from a night of clubbing with my friends. I still don't know why I didn't take a cab.  Something just possessed me to take a walk home. The scenery was quite unfriendly and scary.  It should warn me that something bad was about to happen but I just ignored it. How incredibly stupid of me. As I was walking I saw a flash of light on a street that led to a dead end. I was stupid enough and probably a little alcohol induced that I just had to investigate. Slowly I made a few steps toward the light. The air around me was getting colder and windier. As I was about to touch the freakish light a huge tornado broke through the light and sucked me in. I was swirling and screaming all the way down until I landed on a wet and cold floor. That's what got me here, standing in front of a street sign that said 'WELCOME TO MYSTIC FALLS'. 

I nearly groaned. I read around a hundred of Fanfictions with this plot in them to know what's going to happen. I so don't want to have that. Yeah I loved the series but I seriously had my own life and enough of my drama to handle. I didn't need extra teen drama that came to this show and I so didn't need to fall in love with one of the main characters which will probably happen since I'm already nearly head over hills with some of them. Ugh this is so not what I wanted. Every girl in my place would probably jump up and down in this situation but not me.  I rather staked myself than being here in this place.

I inhaled a deep breath and headed towards the town.  I won't get involved in any kind of way with any of the characters in Vampire diaries except for the witches. I need to get home somehow. It's not like I'm stuck here forever now. But first I have to find out which season and episode I'm in. I kinda hope I'm in the third. I so want to see Klaus. He's the best villain and hotty on the show. Yummy. I'm so going to help him win Caroline's heart if I ever meet him.  Okey focus. First town, second orientation, third find a witch (either grams or Bonnie) and then take some advantages while being here. I happily skipped those few miles to the mystic grill keeping in mind that I'm going to be home soon.


Finally I'm here. This was a long walk in the sun. Ugh I hate walking on a hot day. Well at least my first task is completed. Now I just have to find out which episode and season I'm in. Probably best I check in the Grill. I'm sure it's not the plot so the best chance I have is to see who is alive. 

I walk into the grill and get settled in  one of the booths that have an overview of the bar and doors.  Immediately I have found who I was looking for, Damon, who is sitting at the bar and drinking away his sorrows. Next came in Alaric and if I know anything about this series this should be the moment when Klaus interferes. My guesses are right. Here comes my charming little villain. Yeah right. Little my ass. 

So this is the finale of season 2. Guess I will have to find Bonnie afterwards since grams are long gone. Definitely not going to interfere now and go look for here at the creepy witch house. I'm not that stupid. Suddenly the air went cold and I felt like somebody is watching me. I looked up from my table and locked eyes with Klaus. What the fuck? Why is he watching me like he saw a ghost? This is getting creepier by the minute and I just can't look away. Something in that look just prevents me. Thank god he looked away I was starting to get giddy.  I felt uncomfortable in his presence. Thankfully he walked out the grill. Now what. I will have to wait for Bonnies help another day or two. Best to find a place to stay. 

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