Aeliana Mikaelson

What happens when you come back to a world from which you were torn in the past with no memories of the time you spent here? That happened to Aeliana Mikaelson, the lost child in the Mikaelson family. Want to know how it goes? Read and explore her mind while she has to face her past.


2. Sucked in part 2

I had to ask a few locals for directions to the Mystic motel.  While I was walking to the motel I felt like someone was following me. I guess the creepy night isn't enough for me. There has to be a stalker too. When I looked around, I saw a shadow moving. My curiosity and stupidity again made me walk towards the shadow but before I could even remotely get closer it disappeared. After that I kept a quicker pace. 

When I got to the motel I left out a breath that I didn't know I held in and got myself a room to sleep in. I hope no rats or cockroaches are going to have their home in my room. The next morning I woke up to a knocking. Who the fuck is knocking on my door so early? I have to sleep at least until noon on an obligations free day.

Begrudgingly I walked to the door in my pj's. Hey if they woke me up I have no obligations to dress up for them. I fully intended to yell at the person in front of the door but the scene that unfolded before me was something I thought I would never see. Before me stood Klaus and Elijah gaping at me. 'Uh.. Can I help you?' This is really my worst day ever or should I say week. 'See I told you I saw her.' Klaus said while extending a hand towards me. 'I believe you brother. I can see Aeliana with my own eyes.' Wait did he just say my name. What is going on. 'Wait how in hell do you know my name and what the hell are you two doing here?' Oh crap now the whole I don't know you thing flew right through the window.

'Oh don't pretend you don't know sister. I would expect that from Kol or Rebekah not you.  Now would you please move away so we can have a family chat.' Klaus said as he showed me aside and moved into my room with his brother. What is going on? Did he really just call me sister? Oh god no am I in a universe where I'm a Mikaelson. 'You can't just barge in here and tell me I'm your sister. Are you crazy or what? You two should see a psychiatrist.' I just hope those two are going to see that I'm not their sister and leave me ALONE.

'Didn't I tell you to stop pretending Lia? We don't have time for this. You either listen and tell us where the hell have you been all those years or I swear I'm going to dagger you.' Is he for real or what. 'Hello. Human. You can't dagger me, you moron.' Before Klaus could launch at me Elijah stopped him. 'Niklaus calm down and listen. I mean really listen.' What the heck did he mean by that. At least Klaus has come to a halt. 'Oh this can not be happening. How in the world are you still human? I know father killed you but after that you just disappeared and I just assumed you had to fed since the urge is too strong.' Klaus said as he took one step closer.

'What are you talking about? I'm not your sister. I don't even belong in this world. So just stop for christ sake.' This was getting really annoying. 'Aeliana calm down. We won't harm you. Just calm down and tell us everything from the beginning.' Something in Elijah's voice was just comforting  and so I told them everything. From how I got here to how I know them. When I finished they both looked shocked and angered.  'I'm going to kill whoever did this!' scream Klaus. 'Not only are you human but you do not remember your family. This is just perfect. Like I don't have enough problems at hand.' said a frustrated Klaus.

'Don't worry Aeliana. We will find a witch that will give you your memories back and then we can all reunite as a family' said Elijah while embracing me. 'Are you both insane. I'm not your sister. Don't you get that!' I screamed at them. They looked at each other and then Klaus looked at me. What is he doing? He looked me in the eyes and said: 'Sleep. Don't wake up until I say you can.'  I closed my eyes and the world faded away.   

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