Alice's voices

Read it to find out what happens


2. 2

      Dear Diary: It's been a few days since I have spoken to Zach. He's been on my mind a lot lately.  I keep thinking about how sweet he was and why he wasn't trying to hurt me or make me hurt someone like all of the others. His soft, sweet voice helps me through the others nagging and persuading. He is different so much different from the others it's like he was sent to me for something or maybe he was just a figment of my imagination, but whoever he is or was he is special and important to me I really hope I can talk to him again.


   "Alice" I jumped a little in surprise to Zach's voice " uhm yes" I whisper my voice a bit shaky. "I came to tell you that the underworld needs you to save them" 

"why" I asked confused.

" because you are their................" and he stops talking like someone dosent want me to know what is happening.






I am so sorry I haven't updated in forever I will start updating every few days and I hope you enjoyed this chapter please comment what you think







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