Alice's voices

Read it to find out what happens


1. 1

Every where I go someone gets hurt, but not here. Here everybody is safe from the destruction I bring with me. "Ahh go away" I shrieked. The voices they're back. "No I can't" "yes you must Alice leave kill you must kill" "no no no!!" "Hi Alice." Have I heard this before? No I haven't this one is sweet, kind, and gentle. "Uhm hi. What's your name?" "Sorry I must go." Then it happened. I was no longer in control. It felt like a dream, but I knew it was happening I was possessed. I felt him, or her, or whatever it was possessing me this time moving inside of me. "Wake up Alice you're having a nightmare." That was the voice of my little sister Maddy. "Wow it seemed so real." "You always say that sis." As she said this I agreed but I knew it was all real and true. "My name is Zach." It was that sweet voice again, but I couldn't answer him because my sister is here and she knows nothing about the voices I hear no one does.

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