I found a boy {Austin Mahone}

When we first started moving around I never ever thought it would be like this. The strange thing for me wasn't the moving, but the people we kept running into. I found a boy a long time ago, and he just kept showing up everywhere. It was kinda scaring me, but he seemed nice. Though he was everywhere! La Vernia, Houston, San Antnio, Los Angeles, New York, London and now here... Rosie what are you getting yourself into?
Meet Rosie Baine, 16 year old young girl originally from Boston, Massachusetts who moves around all the time, but everything changes the day her and her family moves into a huge apartment in Miami, Florida. She sees her new neighbor and suddenly life is changed once again, as she again found him. The boy.


6. The kiss

"Wow, wow, wow! What's going on here?" 

"Hey who let you in?" 

I looked up at Dave and Austin's friends I remembered them all from when I lived in La Vernia. We had all attended the same school for about 8 months. It was one of the only places I had been allowed to go to a public and real school. 

"Robert? Alex? Zach? What are you guys doing here?" 

I got up from the bed excited, but the only reaction I got was 3 really confused boys who were all just trying to figure out who I was. Austin got up from the bed as well and hugged all of his friends. It was all one big chaos because they really didn't remember me. 

"And who's this?" 

"You don't remember?" 

Austin looked at Alex who was still questioning me. I eyed him when none of them after a couple of minutes still didn't know who I was. 


I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms. 

"Rosie? Rosie from year 7?" 

"Yup good to see you guys again. I don't believe we've seen each other since I lived in San Antonio?" 

"No! What are you doing here in Miami?”

“I just moved here a couple of weeks ago. Welcome to my apartment.”

“You live here?”

“Does this look like Austin’s room to you?”

I rolled my eyes at Robert, before I went up and hugged them all. They had all grown so much taller now, and I was the midget next to these boys now. We used to hang out a lot in La Vernia, but it was such a long time ago, and I don’t believe we’ve ever spoken since then. It was before everything happened before they got famous.

“Wow this is crazy. And are you two?”

Alex pointed to us and seemed embarrassed for a second, yet filled with comfort. Was he scared to see his best friend dating someone?

“No… we were just having a fight because I stole Austin’s beanie.”


God this was awkward, I really had no idea what to say, but I was soon to be saved by my mum when she came into my room.



“Wow, sorry I didn’t know you had this many guests over.”

“Sorry I didn’t know either.”

“Can I speak with you for a second?”


I followed my mum out my room and left all of the boys, and the friends I had made, back in my bedroom. I heard the boys talk before I closed the door, Alex kept pointing out to Austin what he had just seen, but Austin didn’t say anything about it, I guess there wasn’t anything much to say about it either. We didn’t kiss, even though I wanted to.

“Rosie about all of this travel…”

“What about it?”

“Are you up for it?”

“Of course I’m up for it! Mum I love the travel; I just don’t like leaving my friends behind.”

“But can you handle it?”

“I’m sure I can, and I know for sure that you wouldn’t have let me do it if you hadn’t believed in me as well. This was your suggestion and I’d love to try it out. I don’t want Austin to leave for two weeks.”

“And what about now that his friends are coming as well?”

“Are they going?”

“Michele told me.”


“You like his friends, don’t you?”

“Mum it’s been such a long time since we hung out all of us. It’s been 4 years already, almost 5.”

“I know Rosie, that’s why I’m asking you.”

“I’m scared that we might have grown apart. I haven’t spoken with Alex, Robert and Zach since we went to school together. Or I might have seen Alex shortly when I kept running into Austin, but at least he remembered me from school. They don’t recognize me anymore, and it’s really strange to just stand there and be the one no one remembers.”

“Do you still want to go?”

I looked down in the ground. I sure didn’t feel comfortable about the crew going, but I couldn’t be without Austin for two weeks. I didn’t want to be without him that long right now. Not now that we were friends again, and especially not with my feelings for him and everything else that had been going on here.

“I do, I need a break from my real life, and I need to try something new.”

I smiled at my mum, before she hugged me tightly.

“You’ve grown so much lately.”

“Yeah, I guess it’s because of all the travel.”

I smiled up at her again and let go and went back into the boys. I clearly interrupted some very important and deep conversation when I went inside because they all stopped whatever they were doing and looked at me all silent.

“What? Do I have something on my face?”


Austin sent me a cheeky smile and walked up to me, to hug me tight for a second.

“What is it then?”

“I need to speak with you out on the balcony for a second. Come?”


I looked at him a bit scared, yet nosy for what he wanted to tell me and then followed him outside. He closed the door behind me, and stepped all the way over to the point where the boys couldn’t see us from inside.

“What made me the one everyone wanted to speak with privately all of a sudden?”

“Maybe it’s your cheeky attitude.”

He winked at me before putting his arms around me and pulling me closer.



His voice was somehow fragile, and I knew it was something important and maybe even personal he was about to ask me, or at least that’s what I thought of it.”

“Is it bothering you that the crew is coming with us?”

Was that all? Really?

“Of course not. These boys are your friends, and you’ve told me how much you miss them already. I’m glad they’re going Austin. I just wish they had come over a bit later than they did…”

I covered my mouth with my left hand. I hadn’t just said that out loud. God that was somehow stupid. Austin smiled that cheeky childish smile and moved closer to me whilst both of his hands were over my waist. He moved in and leaned over to my ear.

“I knew that already.”

He said it with a laugh and tease all over his voice that made me want him closer to me even more. I took a hold of his hoodie when he was about to move away from me, and forced him to stop. I was looking up into his eyes and smiled teasingly to him.

“You must have wanted is as well since you did it.”

I winked at him and then let go, but he didn’t move away. He just kept standing there, staring into my eyes with his hands placed around my waist. He gently pushed me against the wall and moved one of his hands up to my neck so he could pull me in closer to him.

“I do want it.”

His voice was a whisper close to my lips. His breath touching my skin, sending shivers down my spine, and made me look up at him one last time before closer my eyes. His lips met mine. It was a warm feeling, and I loved it. I pulled myself closer to him, to feel the kiss more. It was fragile, but wild, and this new feeling filled me. I think I was actually in love with him. He moved his hands over my body and held me tight as he kept kissing me. And that’s when I felt it. The thing that had been missing my entire life. I felt truly loved. 

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