I found a boy {Austin Mahone}

When we first started moving around I never ever thought it would be like this. The strange thing for me wasn't the moving, but the people we kept running into. I found a boy a long time ago, and he just kept showing up everywhere. It was kinda scaring me, but he seemed nice. Though he was everywhere! La Vernia, Houston, San Antnio, Los Angeles, New York, London and now here... Rosie what are you getting yourself into?
Meet Rosie Baine, 16 year old young girl originally from Boston, Massachusetts who moves around all the time, but everything changes the day her and her family moves into a huge apartment in Miami, Florida. She sees her new neighbor and suddenly life is changed once again, as she again found him. The boy.


9. My weird day

Around 10am my mum started texting me, asking where I was. Austin did the same to Alex, not to mention Robert and Zach had done it earlier whilst we were sitting on the beach.

“We better head back before they start looking for us as well.”

“I think they already started if I should be honest. We left three hours ago.”

“Really?! It’s 10 already?”


“Fuck, I gotta go back home, I haven’t packed anything at all, and I think I was supposed to come over to you guys later.”

“You better get going then.”

He smiled at me and offered his hand when he had gotten up from the sand. I took it as he helped me up and then let go before we started walking back to the apartments.

“Are you excited to go around the world with him?”

“Of course I am, but I still wish we could just be me and him, even though this is what we’ve dreamt of.”

“Yeah I could imagine.”

As soon as we were by the street that lead up to the apartments we saw Austin, Robert and Zach in there swim shorts fooling around and Dave walking behind them, looking all tough.


I heard Austin call my name, he sounded worried when he did, and it kinda scared me how he was running up to me. He had placed both of his arms around me, and it almost made me drop my guitar to the ground. He shortly placed his lips over mine before letting go of me, it was like he didn’t care that all of his friends were in front of him, and honestly it just made me care a little more about him right there.

“What’s up?”

“We were gonna go looking for you guys at the beach, as neither of you answer your phones. What have you been up to? Your mum’s worried.”

“She needs to calm down then.”

“What’s going on?”

“I needed some time alone with my guitar and it was 7am, so I went out for a walk and brought my guitar. Alex came around like 30 minutes after I had gone, and we just sat talking on the beach ever since.”



I heard my mum up by the apartment entrance.

“Sorry boys, I’ve got to go. Thanks for the talk Alex, I needed it.”

“Yeah thanks as well, I kinda needed it as well.”

I hugged Alex and was then about to leave, but Austin followed me a bit and then turned me around to face him.

“What was that about?”

“What was what about?”

“You needed to speak with Alex about something.”

“He’s my friend of course I’ll need to speak with him about different stuff at some points.”

“What were you talking about?”

“Music, the past, all sorts of things… why?”

“Because you were away for a couple of hours and so was he Rosie. I was really worried about you.”

“Yeah but I was with a friend, and I was at the beach. Austin I know this area by now, don’t worry that much ok?”


“I’ve gotta go, see you later?”

“Yeah I’m coming over when we’ve been on the beach.”


I stood up on my toes and placed a soft kiss on his lips and then went down to my mum who was still standing there waiting for me to come back.

I was just about to walk past her when she stopped me and looked directly into my eyes. She was really angry right now, it was easy to tell.

“I know, let’s take it inside.”

It was all I could say before she partly dragged me into the apartment and slammed the door as soon as both of us were in.

“How could you?”

“I know the area?”

“But you are supposed to tell me where you’re going Rosie.”

“But you were asleep, and it’s not like I’m a kid, I can actually take care of myself mum.”

“But you should really leave a note for me whenever you leave. We were really worried about both you and Alex.”

“I’m sorry, I’ll remember to leave a message next time.”

“Good. Now get your stuff packed, Michele invited you over for dinner.”

“She did what?”

“She invited you over for dinner, and you need to get your stuff packed for when you leave in the morning.”

I went into my room with my stuff and started packing. For some reason I packed lots of different stuff, because I didn’t know how it all would turn out the different places we were going. I felt like I packed down my entire room, and it took me hours, until my mum asked me to get ready to go to Austin’s place. Apparently she was invited as well. It felt well awkward sitting there with them all, especially when my mum was telling she had to leave and I was just playing around with the boys and having some fun.

When it was about time for me to leave Austin followed me outside. We stood only him and me on the stairs and enjoyed each other.

“I’m sorry I freaked out earlier.”

“It’s okay, just take it slow. I’m yours, don’t forget that.”

“I trust me baby I won’t forget that ever.”

“Good, because I’ll keep reminding you every single day from now on.”

He smiled down at me and pecked my lips and hugged me tight for a few seconds.

“Will you come wake me up tomorrow?”

“Sure, but it’s gonna be really early, you know that right?”

“Yeah I know, as you said we would take an early flight, so of course we’re getting up early.”


“I know.”

I smiled up at him again and held him tight into me whilst I hid my head in his chest.

“I love you Rosie, goodnight.”

“Love you too Austin, goodnight.” 

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