I found a boy {Austin Mahone}

When we first started moving around I never ever thought it would be like this. The strange thing for me wasn't the moving, but the people we kept running into. I found a boy a long time ago, and he just kept showing up everywhere. It was kinda scaring me, but he seemed nice. Though he was everywhere! La Vernia, Houston, San Antnio, Los Angeles, New York, London and now here... Rosie what are you getting yourself into?
Meet Rosie Baine, 16 year old young girl originally from Boston, Massachusetts who moves around all the time, but everything changes the day her and her family moves into a huge apartment in Miami, Florida. She sees her new neighbor and suddenly life is changed once again, as she again found him. The boy.


7. Feelings

“Austin and Rosie sitting in a tree…”

“Really Zach?”

I turned around to the sound of Austin’s friend who had made me break the kiss. Soon the rest of the boys were out there as well staring at us, and all I could do was hide myself in Austin’s shoulder hoping they would go away. I felt Austin wrap his arms around me, and heard the giggle he let out whilst standing there trying to look a bit cool in front of his friends.

“What’s going on out here?”

Alex came out late and somehow I could help but laugh a bit. This was how I remembered him best. He was often hyper and he had a lovely personality, but sometimes he was really slow.

“Austin and Rosie.”

Robert was the one to speak up from all of them.


We stood there awkwardly for long, and that’s actually how most of the evening went by for me. It was awkward to be back around all of these kids, because they were no longer my friends. They were no longer the people I spend my time with, yet I was going to spend a lot of time with them over the next time, and it would be really hard for me.

Around 10 pm everyone but Austin left my place. I guess they wanted to give us some time to work out what had been going on outside and earlier before they got here.

Austin came back into my room after following his friends out the door. I was sitting on my bed looking around my room. Tomorrow I’d have to pack, because the day after I’d have to leave with everyone.

“You alright?”

Austin sat down beside me and placed his right hand over my thigh.

“Yeah, just thinking.”

“What are you thinking?”

“Just about everything. Can you believe how close we’ve gotten over the past two weeks? I mean, we did know each other before, but nothing like this.”

“It’s a good thing though, isn’t it?”

“It is, but it’s kinda weird as well.”

“It is, but I kinad like it.”

“Yeah me too.”

I leaned my head against his shoulder and rested there until my mum came in to tell us she was going to bed.

“Goodnight Rosie, oh and Austin, I didn’t know you were still here. Are you staying over for the night?”

“Naah I think I have to go over to my friends.”

“Okay, say hi to your mum for me.”

“I will.”

He smiled at her before she closed the door and then turned back to me.

“Did you want me to stay?”

“Kinda yeah, it would have been nice to talk about the different things that have been going on.”

“Let’s talk then.”

He lay down on the bed and looked up at me as I was still sitting there. I was trying to figure out what to say.

“About the kiss…”

“What about it.”

“Austin it’s weird. I don’t just want it to be something that has just casually happened and then we never talk about it again. I really like you.”

I looked down at him, I was really scared that he actually didn’t like me back at this very moment, or actually his answer in general.


He made me turn my head, and took my hand. He pulled me down beside him and ran his fingers over my cheek.

“Rosie I really like you. I wouldn’t have kissed you if I didn’t like you. It’s just all happening so fast and I don’t really know how to react on all of this. That’s one of the reasons I want you to come with me on ‘tour’ I need you around so I can figure this out for real. I’ve never missed a person as much as I missed you the other day when we hadn’t seen each other for 3 days.”

I smiled and held my hand over his whilst intertwining our fingers. He liked me back, and I could feel how my heart was racing because of the things he had just said.

I closed my eyes and cuddled up to him for a second. I wanted to stay there with him, even though I knew he would be leaving any minute.

“I missed you too. More than I’ve ever missed anyone.”

“Come here.”

His voice was a whisper while he was smiling at me and pulling me closer. He placed another kiss over my lips, but this was different, it was like he was smiling a lot under this kiss, and that it wasn’t as serious as the first time.

“I really, really, like you Rosie Baine. Let’s try this out will you?”

“Of course I will Austin.”

I smiled as our noses met each other’s and we were lying there trying to act a bit like adults yet like kids, because neither of us wanted to grow up and be way to serious about this.

“When are we leaving Thursday?”

I looked at Austin and he didn’t seem like he wanted to answer it, as it would remind him that he would have to leave soon.

“Around 10 am. We’re taking an early flight to Toronto, and then we’re checking in before meeting up with my managers and the stage crew. As I’m performing at 7.30 in the evening.”

“Isn’t that a bit early?”

“No it’s very normal, it’ll give us a couple of hours to get ready for the show. You are gonna be there with me right?”

“Of course. As long as it’s what you want me to.”

“It’s everything I ever wanted.”

I smiled at him while recognizing the quote he had just said. He was such an adorable boy, and I knew that getting here was one of the best things that had ever happened to me.

“I’m sorry babe, but I better get going before they start calling me to come over for whatever film they are putting on, or whatever idea they get.”


I cuddled up to him a bit closer and he wrapped his arms tighter around me. This was our way to say goodbye for now to each other. His hugs were amazing and his kisses were even better.

“I’ll see you tomorrow Rosie.” 

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