I found a boy {Austin Mahone}

When we first started moving around I never ever thought it would be like this. The strange thing for me wasn't the moving, but the people we kept running into. I found a boy a long time ago, and he just kept showing up everywhere. It was kinda scaring me, but he seemed nice. Though he was everywhere! La Vernia, Houston, San Antnio, Los Angeles, New York, London and now here... Rosie what are you getting yourself into?
Meet Rosie Baine, 16 year old young girl originally from Boston, Massachusetts who moves around all the time, but everything changes the day her and her family moves into a huge apartment in Miami, Florida. She sees her new neighbor and suddenly life is changed once again, as she again found him. The boy.


2. A day at the beach

I kept looking at the two boys in the other building before I got up from my seat on the balcony. I went into my room and placed my guitar on the bed before I was running out into the hallway. 


"In the kitchen Rosie." 

"Mum he's here again." 

I was leaning over the counter that party our hall from the kitchen and stared at my mum with big eyes. 

"Who Rosie?" 

"Austin Mahone, the boy from La Vernia, San Antonio, London, New York, Los Angeles and so on!" 

"What? What is he doing here?" 

"He seemed to be living here! In the building just across from ours. What do I do?" 

I was freaking out and my mum was just not getting it at all. She didn't know how much this somehow scared me or somehow annoyed me. 

"Talk to him like you always do? He seems like a sweet boy."

"But isn't it different now?" 

"Why would it be Rosie?" 

"Because he's famous now." 

"I am sure he will recognize you as soon as you guys see each other." 

She smiled a reassuring smile to me before she continued to do whatever she was doing.   

I ran back into my room and out on the balcony where I looked over the rails. Austin and his buff friend weren’t on their balcony anymore and somehow a pitch of disappointment was filling me from the inside. I looked down at the ground and out over the ocean when my eyes were caught by Austin who was running there with his friend. They were clearly on the way to the beach. Now would it be smart of me to go down there and see if he would recognize me or just pretend we never met and casually bump into him? I didn’t know what to do, but the beach was definitely my new place to be. I took my guitar and placed in on my bed before I changed into my bikini and then found my hot-pants and a crop top to cover myself up a bit. I changed into all of the clothes and swung my guitar over my shoulder, before I found my sunglasses and some sandals to wear all the way down to the sand.

It was a warm day in Miami and I felt like I was going to die a bit as I made my way down to the water. I heard a lot of people around me as I walked there with my guitar on my back smiling like an idiot with my favorite ray bans placed perfectly over my eyes.

I sat down in the warm sand quite far up the beach, and a bit long from the water, but I wasn’t out of sight for Austin and his friend. Was it his brother? I actually didn’t know; we had never spoken much when we had bumped into each other, but he must have thought I was following him around for sure.

I looked around the beach for a while before I got my guitar out in front of me and started playing one of my favorite songs at the moment. It was one of the songs I had been taught how to play while I was living in London. I lived really close to a boy I cared a lot about and it meant the world to me that he would teach me how to play the acoustic version of one of his songs. I was strumming over the strings and started singing when I felt no one was looking at me.

“Wasn’t looking for trouble, but it came looking for me. I tried to say no, but I can’t fight it he was looking lovely. He kinda reminds me, of a boy I know. This pretty young thing that I got waiting for me back at home, he’s got my engines turning. This happens every time, I see a pretty boy and, I wanna make him mine. They send my rocket to the sky. I want them, but should I go for them? I’m like Houston; I think we got a problem.
Boys, boys, boys I just can’t say no. Never see them coming I just watch them go. Boys, boys, boys I just can’t say no. Never see them coming I just wa-wa-wa-wa-watch them go. Take control, making me sweat. Boy run that show. It’s them boys, boys, boys I just can’t say no. Houston, I think we got a problem.”

“Look out!”

I heard someone yell in my direction and look up to see a ball fly through the air right in my direction. I threw my guitar at the ground and caught the ball just as it would have hit my head.

“Nice catch.”


I looked up at the boy to see no other than Austin stand in front of me, and then hurried to hide my face away for some reason.

“Hey you’re the new girl from the other building right?”


“Cool, when did you move in?”


“Oh… so what’s your name?”

I looked up at him, somehow I felt disappointed and annoyed that he wouldn’t know my name after all this time.

“Rosie, Rosie Baine.”

I smiled up at him and stretched out my hand for him to shook, but his smile faded when he was staring directly into my eyes.

“No way… Rosie? Is that really you?”

“Surprise Austin.”

“C’mon up here and give me a hug girl.”

I stood up on my feet and hugged him tight for a second. It felt weird as we had never really been speaking much and we hadn’t seen each other for a very long time.

“I’m surprised you even remember me. When was the last time you saw me? In England?”

“Yeah I think so.”

“So what are you doing in Miami? I thought you lived in Texas?”

“No we moved here a long time ago, it is easier with the music and stuff.”

“Oh… What about La Vernia, and the crew?”

“We still speak a lot, and I really miss them.”

We sat down in the sand and spoke for a long time, it was actually nice just sitting here and have the conversation with him. I had never gotten the chance to speak with him for a longer period and never ever alone. He was so different from what I had expected and what I had seen in the past. He had grown up a lot, and it was a great experience to see.

“So what are you doing in Miami?”

He looked at me with questioning eyes and smiled as he continued playing with the sand.

“My family and I move a lot, as you might have noticed. We live all different and Miami has always been my dream destination, and now we’re finally here. It’s taken a long time to save up for the apartment, but it’s really been worth it. I really can’t believe that I’m here.”

“It’s a lovely city.”

“It really is, and it’s gonna be so sad to leave it.”


“We’re gonna move somewhere else when we have the money and we’ve found a house to live in.”

“Where is it gonna be?”

“We have spoken about Berlin in Germany.”

“Wow… that’s uh… far away?”

“It is, but Germany is a lovely country.”

“How many places have you lived?”

“This is number 25.”

His eyes widened and I couldn’t help but smile a little bit.

“And how many of them do you remember?”

“All of them. We didn’t start moving around until I was 3.”


“Do you like it? Moving?”

“It’s a bit too much at times, but I’ve gotten some close friends all over the world, and it’s important to me that I keep in touch with them all the time, and moving around really gives me the chance to see them. For instant I’ve lived in Birmingham, London, Liverpool and Manchester in England, so when I lived in London I could meet up with the friends I had gotten in Manchester when we first lived there, and again I could meet up with everyone when I lived in Birmingham.”

“I see. I hope you stay around so I can get to know you better.”

“I’m sure we can figure something out, but I probably won’t stay for more than a year or so.”

I smiled at him as he ran his fingers over my guitar and looked at it with magic in his eyes.

“You can play on it if you like.”

“I don’t know…”

“Austin if there’s one thing I know it’s how talented you are. I’d love to hear you play.”

He smiled and picked up my guitar and started playing one of his songs. I had heard it on the radio back in San Diego where we had just moved from. It made me smile and honestly I didn’t know that it was his song, so he was surprised when I joined in on the chorus.

After a while he stopped playing and looked at me with a smirk.

“Are you secretly a fan?”

He was looking into my eyes and it was honestly the most perfect moment I had ever been in.

“No I just know the song.”

“Then you must know it’s mine as well.”

“I actually didn’t. I heard it the other day when I was out driving in San Diego.”

“Oh so that was your latest home?”


“I must call them and thank them for playing such a wonderful song at the right time.”

We laughed a bit over his joke and then looked out over the water. It was beautiful down here and it was nice being with someone I felt I really knew. 

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