Summer camp

Tara goes to a summer camp and meets her room mates and her group for activities they are only one direction she slowly begins to like the boys after not knowing who they were


7. The morning

As soon as we got to the cabin we were asleep... We didn't watch a film. I woke up everyone was getting ready for the day i peered at my timetable we have 2 free hours 

"let's go to the pool" I suggested they all nodded we got into our swimming stuff and headed out the pool was outside and freezing but we had it all to ourselves I sat in a chair to tan so did everyone else the water looked to cold Bella grabbed my hand and pulled me over to one side 

"ow!" I I winced as she grabbed my hand too tight 

"sorry, I needed to talk to you... Do you think Harry likes me" she asked 

"he does but don't let him know you like him yet I will get him to ask you out yeah" this was going to be fun I thought 

" ok!" she smiled as we walked back to the poolside they all had a wicked smile on their face 

 "Let's play truth or dare" Zayn laughed

"I will start" Harry smiled "Bella truth or dare?" 

Bella thought for a moment "truth" she said unsure 

"do you like me" Harry winked at her 

"errrmmm I am not going to answer" Bella blushed but Harry swung her over his shoulder 

"admit you like me otherwise you get dunked " 

"Never styles" Harry chucked her in but she grabbed his hand so he fell in too.

"agggghhb this is freezing" They both shouted... They would be perfect together 

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