Summer camp

Tara goes to a summer camp and meets her room mates and her group for activities they are only one direction she slowly begins to like the boys after not knowing who they were


6. Scream, campfire and crushing

I was hugging a pillow close to my face and chest the film was so scary and I really needed the toilet but I couldn't move I waited a few minutes but I was desperate I got up and ran to the bathroom but whilst I was in there the lights went out "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" I screamed well everyone screamed when I came out it was pitch black and silent when everyone rugby tackled me "ouch" we all groaned most of the boys in a lot of pain.The power had gone out I was scared sitting on the bed when the door opened "RUN" Bella shouted but it was just Zoe calling us over for campfire we walked over stella linked arms with Niall in front then Zayn with Louis texting their girlfriends Me and Liam linking arms and Bella and Harry linking arms. when we got to the fire it suddenly got a lot colder and darker

"I am gonna run and get my blanket" I said it was too cold I had to get my blanket even though It seems childish I ran carefully avoiding the logs and roots in the ground I grabbed the blue soft blanket wrapped it over my shoulders and ran back I was about two meters away "I have my blank.." I tripped over a root "....ouch" 

"Are you ok?" Liam ran over towards me 

"yeah I think so.." 

"your kind of clumsy aren't you?" Liam laughed as he helped me up and sat down next to me on one of the logs next to the fire we sat down and talked when Harry got up saying he was going to the toilet but as i turned my head he was standing in the wood signaling me to go over there "I need the loo" I lied as I walked over towards Harry 

"What?" I whispered

"I need to ask you something"

"what is it"

"Does Bella like me I mean really like me"

"What do you think she fainted when you looked at her and she can't stop talking about when you caught her and the fact she can't think straight when your here her heart just melts..... why?" Harry blushed 

" YOU LIKE HER DON'T YOU! OH MY GOSH YOU LIKE BELLA!" I screamed figuring out what was going on

"Keep your voice down!" he whispered we walked back to the campfire where they were toasting marshmallows I grabbed one and roasted it then i ate it, When I had roasted my second one i lifted the stick up but it was by liams head so he ate it 

"HAYYYY! that was mine"

"No it wasn't" 

"yes it was"

"No it wasn't" 

"yes it was"

"No it wasn't" 

"yes it was"

"No it wasn't" 

"yes it was"

"HARRY!" We both shouted 

"What!?"  Harry said 

"LIAM ATE MY MARSHMALLOW!"  I pretended to cry

"Liam that isn't nice say sorry and Tara get another marshmallow" Harry laughed pretending to be our dad

"Sorry" we burst out laughing as i toasted the marshmallow Harry gave to me before going off to flirt with Bella soon it got really late and we walked back to the boys room to watch a film preferably not scream ......... 


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