Summer camp

Tara goes to a summer camp and meets her room mates and her group for activities they are only one direction she slowly begins to like the boys after not knowing who they were


2. My room

When I arrived at camp my dad stood there waiting for Me I got out and hugged him

"Hello Tara, I missed you so much here Is your timetable and Information I have to go see you later" I looked at my timetable 1 go to room 4b so i headed off .in the cabin were 4 girls and 5 beds

"Hello I am Indigo this is Lizzy Natasha and Bella and you are" a girl asked

"Tara Mason my dad owns this camp" I replied I smiled 

"That is so cool what group are you in for activities?" Bella asked 

"Errm group 4" I fumbled through the timetable

"ME TOO! do you know who is in that group I lost my other sheet of paper" Bella laughed

"Errm you and the guys in this band my dad works with their names are errm Harry Liam Louis Niall and Zayn" she screamed I guess she was a fan.She had beautiful brown eyes and hair and I found myself jealous of her smile...

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