Summer camp

Tara goes to a summer camp and meets her room mates and her group for activities they are only one direction she slowly begins to like the boys after not knowing who they were


5. Movie

After dinner me Bella and Stella walked to our cabin and sat down on our beds It was going to be boring for the next 4 hrs until campfire so we started playing chess 

"check mate!" Bella shouted 

"uggh how do you even play this game" I grabbed the board and threw the pieces everywhere and pretended to have a strop when there was a knock at the door 

"Are you decent" It was obviously Niall pretending to be staff

" NO I AM NAKED" I joked 

"Don't tempt me" Liam laughed I threw a pillow at him as he walked in I let them sit down 

"we were wondering if you would like to come to our cabin we have a film and a t.v" Zayn boasted

"yes!" me bella and stella answered at once we walked over to their cabin it was cold and my face had gone numb when I slipped and bashed my nose all I could feel was a warm liquid falling down my face when i realised i was bleeding alot 

"Are you ok!" Liam rushed to my aid he took off his jumper and wiped the top of my nose where the blood was coming from 

"Thanks I am fine" And we walked inside the cabin we pushed the 10 beds together to make a massive bed where we all sat "what movie are you putting on" stella asked but Louis who was getting the dvd couldn't hear her

"LOUIS WHAT FILM ARE YOU GETTING" Bella screamed who knew she could be so loud 

"SCREAM" He shouted even louder 

"s..s..s.s scream?" I muttered  

"Don't worry it will be fine" Liam sat up and hugged me 

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