Summer camp

Tara goes to a summer camp and meets her room mates and her group for activities they are only one direction she slowly begins to like the boys after not knowing who they were


3. meeting the group

Soon we were told where we had to meet our groups my group met in the field so i put my stuff on the bed next to bellas and we walked towards the field when someone jumped on my back

"are you Tara charlies daughter?" he asked

"yes and who are you" I was quite scared

"Oh yeah sorry I am Liam your Dad said you aren't aloud to listen to our sort of music" I turned around to see five guys Bella looked like she was going to faint

"Are you alright?" Harry asked her (I knew because they all wore name tags) then she really did faint Harry caught her when she was Inches off the ground

"woah that was close!" Louis said before bursting out laughing I hit his arm

"Don't be mean!" I joked when Bella finally woke up we all went off to meet our groupie Zoey a very cheery lady with short red hair and grey eyes "Hello errm today for our first activity we are doing leap of faith where you climb up a wooden pole using these pegs to climb on you must heave yourself up onto the platform 15 metres high and jump to grab on to the trapeze and yes you will be strapped to a harness" I look of fright spread across all of their faces but I smiled 

"Seems fun" I said as we headed off I was strapped to the harness and a helmet as I raced up the pole in one minute flat, jumped and grabbed the trapeze I was lowered down

"How on earth did you do that!" Niall shouted

"It was fun" I smiled as I high fived Zayn. Bella was getting strapped in she got about 5 metres high  and stopped she was scared when Harry screamed "YOU CAN DO IT BELLA"

"GO ON BELLA" Zayn shouted soon we all cheered her on as she climbed and jumped she got the bar. after everyone had done it twice we headed to the canteen for some dinner

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