Summer camp

Tara goes to a summer camp and meets her room mates and her group for activities they are only one direction she slowly begins to like the boys after not knowing who they were


1. Me Tara Mason

My name Is Tara Mason and I live in a small county in England I am pretty isolated by my country-Loving Mum I have never heard any pop music Its strange I love my mum but now I am 17 I have promised to Live with my dad in an even more unknown Village he owns a giant place he shares with a band apparently very famous they are going on a summer camp with me I really hope they aren't snobby rich male divas my dad says he forbids me from dating any of them who would wanna date me? I am a tomboy with thick glossy long brown hair and dark brown eyes I am pretty short too and I am not skinny and have bigish boobs I am not the cutest girl either but I love sports and music I have the highest levels in school which is really good i guess.I have never had a boyfriend I have never been on a date and I have never kissed anyone I get made fun of about that but not by my only friend Stella she is amazing and funny and sweet unfortunately I won't see her much after tommorrow when i start summer camp.....

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