Just some Larry Stylinson aye.
Gotta love 'em.
This is my first one, don't normally do them but it was on request.
I'm a die-hard Harry girl and only ship them as a bromance but still, its hot you have to admit it?!

Anyway, enjoy xx


1. Bite Me

Bite me
'Lou....'  He was stood, back to me arched over the kitchen sink. I could see his reflection in the window. Eyes blood shot, lips curled.  The blood pumped around in my veins faster than usual. I could feel it burning. "Louis." I said again, a little more confident.  "Shut up." He growled.  His sudden temper terrified me, but aroused me slightly. I found myself stepping forward, closer to the creature before me. I could see his back muscles contracting as he breathed. Short huff emitting from his mouth.  "Fuck sake Harry!" He hissed but still I carried on forward.  He turned at immense speed, now on front of me and I could see the darkness taking over just by looking into his eyes. "Do it. Bite me." I whispered.  Louis' heavy breathing puffed out, fanning across my face. I swallowed hard as he chuckled deep in his throat almost regretting crossing him in this moment. Louis smirked, lips cocked to the left of his face as he studied my reactions. "Where are my dimples?"  I found it hard to show them, as I was terrified. But, as I felt his hips grind up into mine they appeared. The feel of him through my jeans electrified my entire body.  No-one made me feel like louis did, no boy or creature ever could.  Rough, but sensual. The way heaved behind me with every movement.  "There they are..." He sighed, the points of his fangs grazing my jaw as he traced my face. His wet tongue circled my earlobe, the heat of it touching my skin.  His hands found my belt, quickly stripping me of my jeans, stripping me of my boxers too. He chuckled again, touching me with his hands. Grazing up and down my length. I craved his touch, behind me...feeding from me while he thrusted. "Mmmm..." I hummed as I grew in his hand.  "Dimples, Harry. I want to fuck you with those dimples showing." He hissed.  "C-can I touch you first?" I withered.  "With your mouth, yes." He growled, giving me a little nibbled. "Hmm tasty."  I dropped quickly to my knees, roughly ripping down his sweats wanting him in my mouth, wanting and craving his taste.  My mouth connected to his lower abdomen tasting the earthy musk of his skin moving down to his tip. I pursed my lips over it, licking it with a flat tongue. By Louis' gritted teeth I could tell he loathed my teasing. he groaned as i slowly took him into my mouth, i moved my hands around to his arse, massaging them in my hands. I took him further loving the feeling of him inside my mouth. his finger tightened, thrusting faster. My moans vibrated up his length causing more moans to emit from his lips.  His face was spectacular, I watched in awe as the creature fell apart beneath a mere mortal. Something so powerful, so strong falling apart like the human he once was.  His hair began sticking to his forehead, louder groans falling as I sucked. One of my hands found my own length, pumping my hand up and down, coming apart from the sounds above me.  "Haz..." He hissed, letting go of everything. "Swallow."  His dominance returned quickly as he rode out his undoing. I carried on pumping, swallowing him and tasting the same as his lush skin.  I groaned, feeling myself falling apart as I was yanked to me feet.  Louis moved his hips to mine again, his length grinding against mine as his mouth heated across my collar bone.  He soon had me against the counter, still thrusting me dryly as I came. His teeth indented my skin, no words came from him just groans and touches.  Finally I received his touch, pumping me as he spun me around. He bent me over, lips connecting with the back of my neck, nibbling drawing out speckles of blood.  "Yum, you taste as good as you look."  He whispered seductively still moving his hand up and down my extremely hard and orgasming erection. His teeth sunk into my neck as his erection penetrated me from behind. I cried out, mixtures of pain and pleasure sinking into my body.  My blood pumped to where he sucked, tingles erupting again in the put of my stomach. I managed to get a hand to my dick, moving up and down with Louis' thrusts. Pleasure moans echoed around us. His thrusts grew more vicious, grunts escaping as he sucked the blood from my neck. I was growing weak from the blood loss but my growing orgasm pushed me forward. Louis hand connected with mine moving faster. I rolled my hips backwards, louis began biting harder, sucking more furiously.  "Louis I I I can't handle it." I screamed unable to take it. Turning painful from the blood loss.  My pleas for him to stop seemed to slow him, but he still thrusted earning more pleasuress moans.  My free hand found his hip, pulling him closer. My curls clung to my forehead as I came undone around his vigorous hand.  "Best fucking cum Styles." He growled leading me to my undoing.  I could feel him once again letting himself into my body before suddenly pulling completely away from me.  I panted, resting my body against TE granite counter top. Blood trickled down the length of my back.  I felt louis behind me again, jagged breath over my exposed wound.  "So good, baby." He mumbled kissing me gently.

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