When I first saw you

Becca Green, 17, long dirty blonde hair and blue eyes, plays lacrosse in her school's team, just an average girl as you would tell. But what happens when she promises to go to a One Direction's gig with her best friend Cheryl ?


9. " When I first saw you "

  I mumble,

" Harry not now, it's 4 am, tell me what you had in mind and we'll talk about it tomorrow, okay ? "

Harry sighs loudly, 

" Becca, this can't wait. Do you know where Niall is at the moment ? " Oh right, Niall must've gone clubbing to take away the pain. 

" I have no idea, why ? " I try to sound surprised. 

" Niall never came back to the hotel and when I called him and hour ago he just said that he's fine, but believe me, I could hear from his voice that he was far away from being 'fine'. " Harry sounds so nervous. I'm about to burst in tears, what if Niall did something to himself because of the mean things I said. I try to sound calm and continue, 

" Harry, I'm really sorry but I don..." I suddenly remember how I told him to sit on my yard for few days if he wanted to. He can't be that upset. 

" You don't what ? Hello... Becca, are you still there ? " Harry almost screams. I take a deep breath and walk down the stairs. I tiptoe to the door and look to the yard through the window. I don't see anyone... Wait ? Something moved, oh how I pray it's not Niall, though if it is, well I should be glad that he's okay. I look again, it's Niall, I'm sure about it. I quickly tiptoe back to my room and take the phone, 

" Harry, you still here ? " I hear a familiar voice,

" Becca ! Thank god ! So you were telling me something ? " I take a deep deep breath and count to ten, then I open my mouth, 

" Harry, you should really come to my place, Niall is here, he's sitting on my yard, he's sitting on my freaking yard and apparently he's been sitting there the whole day. " My voice starts to tremble as I finish. I wait for Harry to say something and after a time that felt like an eternity Harry decides to answer, 

" I'm on my way, 10 minutes ! " I put the phone down. What have I done ? My hands are shaking and I'm seriously going to throw up soon. What now ? Should I wait for Harry to come or not. But what if Niall heard me and decides to leave, I should probably go and see Niall.

               Once again I tiptoe to my front door and open it gently. I walk slowly towards Niall and sit next to him. He doesn't look at me, he just stares at a tree in front of him. I try to speak but I can't find the words. I count to ten inside my head and open my mouth, 

" Hi. " is all I can manage to say. But Niall doesn't answer. I try again, 

" Hey listen, I know I acted like a total bitch yesterday and you have every right to be angry at me. And you may hate me now. " Silence floats between us, and I try to break it, again, 

" And I understand why you're not talking to me, but I just want you to know that those things I said weren't true. I totally overreacted and misbehaved badly. And I could give anything to get those words back and undo the things I did. " I stop as I hear a car coming. Soon Harry steps out and runs to us, 

" So what's the situation ? Niall what the fuck are you doing here, we were worried sick." Niall doesn't answer to Harry either. The tears start to form and Harry notices it. He takes my hand and leads me to my house, 

" Becca what is going on ? Why Niall is sitting on your yard and not saying a word to me ? " Harry sounds really confused, worried and upset. I decide to tell the whole story, and as I tell it Harry listens to every bit of it. When I finish Harry looks at me, 

" Wow, Becca ! No wonder he doesn't speak to you. " He looks at me trying to figure out what to do. 

" You make it sound even worse ! " I burst into tears and Harry grabs me into a hug, 

" It's all right, but you see, those things you said to Niall, those things about not caring even if he killed himself, they hurt. " Harry keeps hugging me as I continue, 

" I wasn't talking about killing himself " 

" But you sure got it to sound like you did. You see, Niall was going to ask you to come with him but he just wanted to wait for the signs, the signs from you, hints about wanting to go with him. You see he was very anxious about the whole thing and didn't want to mess things up. " Harry lets go of me and I bury my face into my hands and start to shake as I cry, 

" But I didn't mean any of those things, I was just angry because I waited for an invite. " I mumble as I sob. 

Harry wipes my tears away, 

" Now we have to get Niall to understand that. " 

I grab Harry's hand and lead him into the front yard where Niall is sitting. I sit next to Niall and take his hand. Then I hug him carefully as I whisper,

" I won't let you go. Not even if you wanted me to. Because I don't want to. " 

We sit there for about an hour, Niall staring at the tree, me hugging him and sobbing, Harry lying on the grass.  Suddenly something breaks the silence, it's Niall,

" Everyone in the life is going to hurt you, you just have to figure out who are worth suffering, huh ? " He looks at me and I smile. Tears stream down my face, not because I'm sad, but because I'm happy. Niall hugs me and I hug him back. Harry looks at us smiling. Niall lets go and I look straight at him, 

" I'm so sorry you have to put up with me and all the things I do. " 

Niall looks straight at me and smiles, " Just make sure that I have to put up with you every day of my life. " 

I kiss him and he kisses me back. I feel butterflies in my stomach and Niall's soft lips press onto mine. They move gently up and down, I close my eyes and he lifts my head a bit. The moment is just perfect, if you don't count Harry watching us. Niall pulls himself out of the kiss, but leaves his head right next to mine. I can feel his breath as he whispers, 

" I think I love you, Becca Green. " 


                                               *** A/N ***

Hey guys thank you for reading my story ! But I could really use some feedback so don't be scared to comment below ! I love all of you so much ! xx Sadly, I have to leave today at 9 am so I won't be able to write anything for a week :( I'm so deeply sorry about that guys !! I stayed up until 2 am to write this and I have to be awake in 6 hours, so I really respect you and I hope you understand that ! I don't take anything for granted, I'm honestly so amazed that I would get even this much of views (: So I hope you've liked the fanfic so far ! And don't worry, Becca and Niall won't be arguing this much anymore ! ( SNEAK PEEK  ) 






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