When I first saw you

Becca Green, 17, long dirty blonde hair and blue eyes, plays lacrosse in her school's team, just an average girl as you would tell. But what happens when she promises to go to a One Direction's gig with her best friend Cheryl ?


4. What about Cher ?

I wake up to a strange voice next to my ear. I open my eyes and let them wonder a little before I notice a person next to me, it's Harry. 

" Woah ! Where am I ? Where's Cher? " I look around without seeing her. 

" Calm down, don't you remember ? We're on a bus, tour bus to be exact. And who's this Cher you're talking about ? " Harry looks around to see what I'm staring at. A clock on the wall. I just stare at it. It's 10 am. How long have I slept, and why ? I squint and my head starts to ache a lot. Now I remember, Niall, ladders, One Direction's gig.  

" Oh god, Cher is my best friend, and she came to watch you guys with me... " Cher must be super worried. 

Harry hands his phone to me " Here,use this. She must be worried. "  

I nod and take the phone. Cher answers almost immediately. 

" B ! Thank god, are you okay ? Where are you ? I was so worried ! " She screams. 

" Cher, I'm fine, don't be worried. " I try to calm her down.

" But B, where are you ? I'll come and pick you up ! " She sounds still worried. 

" Ummm, if I tell you, you won't believe me. " I laugh a little, she'll freak out. 

" Tell me, please, or at least give me the address. And what are you laughing at ? " I can hear a bit of annoyance in her voice.  

" Chill out Cher ! Wait a second and I'll tell you the address. " I put the phone down and ask

" Harry, what's the address of this place, are we still near by the stadium ? " 

Harry looks at me and nods. 

" Hey Cher, drive to the stadium, bye ! " I hear Cher saying 'what ?' before I hang up. 

I then stand up and so does Harry. " Well, wanna grab some breakfast ? I bet you're hungry, huh ? "  I nod and Harry leads me to the kitchen where the others are. 

" The Sleeping Beauty decided to wake up. " Louis smirks at me. 

"Are you feeling any better Becca ? " Niall asks.

" Yes I am, thanks for asking Niall. " Niall blushes a little and turns back to Liam. He can't be that shy. Suddenly we hear a noise from outside. Everyone rushes to see what's going on.

I see a familiar face, Cher. Cher runs to me and we hug. 

" What the fuck B. Don't ever scare me like this again. " She almost cries.

I squeeze her.  " I won't, I promise. "  Then I let go of Cher and she looks at the boys. Her face is priceless.

" Hey Cher. " Harry starts, but she just stares at him.  I look at Cher, wasn't this her dream ? 

" H-hi. " She starts but then turns to me, " What the fuck Becca ? " She starts to laugh and so do I. 

" Well, we had a little accident with ladders and here I am. " I laugh even more. Niall continues, 

" Yeah, I kinda hit her with ladders and she fainted. Then I helped her to our bus. She wasn't feeling very well so I let her sleep in my bed.  " Niall laughs a little. 

" Well,  Prince Charming, should we take girls to Nando's ? " Louis looks at Niall who turns red. 

" Yeah sure, do you wanna come with us ? " he asks. 

We nod at the same time and laugh. 

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