When I first saw you

Becca Green, 17, long dirty blonde hair and blue eyes, plays lacrosse in her school's team, just an average girl as you would tell. But what happens when she promises to go to a One Direction's gig with her best friend Cheryl ?


1. Tickets

Cheryl walks towards me with a huge smile. I have no idea about the 'big emergency situation' she had texted me about.  She starts running and gives me a long hug. 

"What's up Cher ? " I ask.

" Aww don't pretend you don't know " She smirks.

 I start to realize what she is trying to say " But you already knew One Direction's here this week, so what's the emergency ? ".

" Well, guess which mofo got them tickets ! " She starts jumping and I hug her.

"Whaaaaat ? " I'm so happy for her.

" And guess who is coming with me ? " She starts to calm down. " You ! ".

I stare her for a while " I assume you know I won't waste my moneys on something like that ? "

She makes a puppy look and starts " But I got them from my aunt for my birthday, and I want you to go with me ".

I look at her and sigh " Well, I, I think you should count me in ".

She smiles at me and I smile back, oh how I love to see my best friend smiling like that . And after all, it was just one gig, and I didn't hate One Direction that much. Just the fact that I saw they were a bunch of cunts singing in  a row. But their music isn't that bad.  The bell rings and me and Cher go to classroom. 

                      The history lesson went quite well and me and Cher decide to go to Starbucks after school. I order latte for me and tea for Cher. We sit to the corner table and start to 'talk', aka Cher fangirling about 1D and me acting like I want to listen what she is saying.  We both know I'm not interested in anything Cher says, but it doesn't bother Cher that much. We talk for a while and then I have to leave. I rush to the bus stop and get in. I have 20 minutes to my lacrosse practices.  At the middle of the way the driver announces that we are going to be at least 20 minutes late because of the traffic. Oh great just my type of luck. My coach is going to kill me. At the same time my phone starts to vibrate in my pocket and I answer. 

" Hey B. " I hear Cher's excited voice.

"Heyy " I answer. " What's up ? " 

" You won't believe, One Direction's in the town, the traffic is stuck and I'm looking for them at the hotel Morris. Good thing you managed to make it to your practices. " She sounds so excited I almost laugh. 

 "Well " I start " Manage is not the correct word at the moment I guess. " I should've guessed those One Direction guys are the cause for all this. Fuck. What am I going to say ? I know my coach wouldn't accept ' traffic ' as the reason to miss practices. 

" Oh, so you're stuck ? " She knows I am in a big trouble. 

" Yeah, here I am, soon 20 minutes late from practices, I wouldn't be surprised if coach wouldn't let me play in the next match. "

She starts to realize how mad I am " Ummm, B ? I'll call you later, okay ? ".

I say "yup " and put my phone away.  Why me ? 

                         I get home later that day and go straight to my room. Coach had told me that I wouldn't be playing in the next match. Great, all this because of One Direction. Last match of the year and I'm not able to play in it. Great. 


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