When I first saw you

Becca Green, 17, long dirty blonde hair and blue eyes, plays lacrosse in her school's team, just an average girl as you would tell. But what happens when she promises to go to a One Direction's gig with her best friend Cheryl ?


8. News !!

I lay in my bed. I've been awake, for who knows how many hours, but I just can't get up. I stare at my ceiling, am I dreaming ? I wait for the alarm clock to wake me up, no, this is real. I'm the girlfriend of Niall Horan. Oh my god, I haven't even thought about the whole thing in that way. I close my eyes and smile, nothing could be better. *BEEP BEEP* What now ? I take my phone and open it. A message from Niall. I smile a little and then open it. 

" Morning beautiful. x " 

" Morning handsome xx " 

" So, Becs. Bad news. " 

" What ? Tell me ! " I look at Niall's text. This can't be true. I'm so anxious until I hear a beep,

" I'll come over to tell. I'm sorry... x " I look at the text, ' I'm sorry... x ' what that even means ? He doesn't like me anymore ? He has someone new ? Tears start to form. I can't cry now, Niall's on his way. I count to ten and take a deep breath. I hear knocking from the front door. I start to walk towards the door, step by step, each step giving me more anxiety. Finally I'm at the door. I open it and I see Niall. He looks so sad and upset. He comes in and hugs me. I look at him, he looks at me. He looks so confused trying to find the right words to start with. 

" I'm so so sorry Becca. " He looks away and continues " I never ever wanted this to happen, I swear. " I look blankly at Niall, what is he trying to say ? 

" The truth is, Becs, my mom is getting married and she wants me to be at her wedding and I have to leave in three days and I won't come back to California. " Niall looks at the floor, 

" I know I should've told you before, but I didn't want to ruin everything. " Niall now looks at me with his eyes glimmering. I don't know what to say, he knew this whole time that we can't be together and I had told him about the whole I-don't-want-to-get-heart-broken-because-you-would-have-to-leave-soon - thing. Why would he lie like that ? And why he isn't asking me to go with him ? Hundreds of thoughts cross my mind and all I can say is, 

" Oh. " Tear, second, third, fourth, fifth. I wipe them away quickly, but not quickly enough to Niall not to notice, 

" I'm really sorry, but we can always meet in July ? " He tries to smile a little but soon he notices it was a bad idea.

" In July ? " I almost yell, " What do you mean, that's three months away ? " I start to cry as I mumble, " I can't believe I trusted you. " Anger fills my voice as I cry more and more. Niall looks at me  once again, " Sorry. " He takes few steps back and heads to his car. I can't believe him, he just basically told me we can't see each other in three months and even after that he still has a nerve to just go and drive away. 

            I don't close the door, I can't. I fall on my knees and bury my face behind my hair. I cry and cry. I won't move a single step. 

Hours fly by. 

It's getting darker and darker. 

And I'm still sitting on my front door. 

                      Suddenly the whole front yard lights up. I hear an engine stopping. Car door opens and a figure steps out of it. It's Niall, oh god. 

" Oh no baby ! " He gasps as he sees me lying there. He runs to me and sits next to me,

" I'm so sorry, I'm an asshole, a big one. Don't cry I'm not worth your tears baby. Why you're so upset about it ? " I look at him angrily,

" Why I'm upset ? Well, I guess it has nothing to do with just driving away, or lying to me or not even asking me to come with you. " I gasp. He takes my hand and looks me right into my eyes, 

" I'm so sorry baby, I know I shouldn't have lied to you, it just that, I knew if I had told you, you wouldn't have let yourself fall for me. You see, I did it for myself, because without you my life would be a misery. And about the thing of not inviting you, I wanted to, but I was afraid that I'm taking too big steps. I'm a big jerk... " I look at him, he looks so scared, of what ? 

I sigh as I open my mouth, " I don't know Niall, what should I do ? " I look at the ground, 

" I think we should just drop this. I'm so fed up with this kind of bullshit. Like basically every guy in my life has used me, just like you've done the past 3 days. 'Yei, a big celebrity has a crush on me, now I'm going to do whatever he wants me to'. I'm not that dumb Niall. " I stand up and close my door as I walk into my living room and slump into the couch. I sit there for a moment, until I hear knocking, it's Niall. I'm not going to let him in. I pretend to not hear. he knocks again, I keep pretending. 


                        Niall's been knocking the door basically the whole time since I came in. I'm getting a little annoyed by the sound of it. I decide to go and talk to Niall, but not in a friendly way, no-oh.  I walk back to the door and I see Niall looking from the window. I open the door quickly and say, " Oh really, you've been knocking on my door for about 6 hours in a row, how unique. " I see how his face turns upside down and he tries to fight against the tears, but I continue furiously, 

" Stop knocking on my door, it's annoying, and I don't give a fuck what you think, but I honestly wouldn't care less what you do with your life. Go and sit in my yard for the next few days if you want to but I don't care. " As I finish my sentence I slam the door and go back to my room. That was mean but not as mean what Niall did to me. I'm so tired, I should go to sleep now. 


                      I wake up at 4 am. Who the fuck is calling to me ? Harry, what the fuck ?  I decide to answer. 

" What the fuck Becca ? " Harry sounds angry and confused. What now ? 

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