When I first saw you

Becca Green, 17, long dirty blonde hair and blue eyes, plays lacrosse in her school's team, just an average girl as you would tell. But what happens when she promises to go to a One Direction's gig with her best friend Cheryl ?


3. "Hey girl "

                                   ****A/N**** ( author's note) 

Heey guys, sorry about tacky text and spelling, I'm not a native english speaker so this is a lot harder to me okay ? Try to understand (:  probz starting chapter 3. later today or tomorrow. Major thanks if you are reading this (: ILYSM // THANK YOU FOR READING xx ! // 


       My clock beeps at 12 o'clock and I get up. I walk straight to bathroom and get my straightener ready. Suddenly I hear something and I see Cher at the bathroom door. 

" Morning Becs " She smiles.

I'm so lucky to have a bestie like that, she's so happy all the time. 

" Morning Cheychey " I answer. 

" So we're gonna go with your car ? " Cher asks .

" Yup, as we decided yesterday" I can sense that Cher is excited and it makes me want to smile. 

I straighten my hair  and brush it. Then I hand the straightener to Cher and walk to my wardrobe. I choose the t-shirt with flowers and lace and the lace skirt. Then I sit to my bed. Cher comes out of the bathroom, and wow, she looks so stunning. I'm happy for her. 

" Hey B, you're ready ? Wow, you're gorgeous ! " She smiles.

" Yes I am and so are you. Should we go already, since we've got standing zone tickets ? "

She looks at me and then at her phone " You're right, we should go I want to be in the first row ! "

She starts to walk down the stairs. I open the door and we get to my car. Cher sits down and I start my car. We drive in a complete silence since Cher is too excited to say a word and I have nothing to say. And when the stadium starts to show Cher almost jumps out of the car. 

" You see B, the best night of our lives ! " She's so excited she barely breathes.

" Yeah, best night " I try to get the right mood on, and fail. 

" I know you don't like their "personalities"  but hey, be open minded, they play really well ! " I can see that Cher's annoyed.

" I'm sorry Cheesepiece " I try to calm her down.

She tries to look at me with a serious face but she cracks almost immediately.

" So here we are" I jump out of the car and so does Cher.

I get our bags and we head to the security check. Everything goes well, except one of the guards takes my water. We get to the area and rush to the standing zone were in. And somehow Cher and I manage to rush through all the way to the second row of people. That's amazing, I guess.

" B, we did it we did it ! " Cher screams to me. 

" I know, amazing right " I kinda start to get on the mood, maybe this isn't the worst night ever, at least Cher's happy and the music's not bad either, I guess. I look around and see hundreds of screaming fans around me. Then suddenly everyone stops and I hear a voice. 

" Hello Los Angeles ! " Cher screams and sobs at the same time and I'm nearly deaf at the moment. Well, maybe this wasn't so good idea.  Though I have to admit, they're not ugly. I laugh to myself.  Am I fangirling, no.  

              After an eternity aka eight songs Harry says " Thank you for being here, we love you all so much ! Can't wait till 2014 ! " And everyone screams louder than my ears can cope, including Cher, again. Wow, such a great thing this is over... Not that the music was bad, but I'm still staying behind my words, they're just doing their jobs and ignoring everyone, for example Cher who danced like a crazy person and shouted things like  ' I love you ' and ' marry me'. A little smile to her would have made her day but no. Still, Cher's at the happiest mood she's ever been. And I guess that's the main point, huh ?  I take Cher's hand and try to lead her back to the parking area, but we're so crowded I have to stop. 

" Oh look, there's a t-shirt stand ! I have to buy one. Want to come with me ? " I see Cher's pretty excited about it. 

" I'll find a way to the car, you should go and buy one " I smile at Cher and let her go.  Ughh, the whole place is so crowded it'll last hours to get to the parking area. For a second I feel hopeless but then I see a little lane and decide to try it. It's really dark but I manage to continue walking. And finally, I see the sky. " Fresh air, thank god ! " I start to run towards the end of lane. And bang, I fall to the ground. For a while I can't hear or see anything. 

" Oh my god, are you okay ? " I open my eyes and see a blonde boy looking at me. 

" Yeah, just casually lying on the ground, and you ? " I answer ironically. 

" Oh god, you're bleeding, wait let me help you up " The blonde takes my hand and helps me up.

" Thank you for your help " I say and start to walk until I fall again.

" Hey girl, wait, I guess you hit your head, lets find the doctor. " He takes my hand again and helps me to stand, again. This time he won't let me go. 

I start to realize where I am, at the stadium. And the boy next to me is Niall Horan. " Oh no not you again. " I mumble.

" What have I done ? " Niall looks at me. 

" Umm, except the whole oh-sorry-I-hit-you-thing ? " I stare at him.

" Firstly, I didn't hit you, I accidentally rushed into you with ladders because of the darkness. Secondly, that's our history, I have never seen you. "  Niall looks a bit offended now.

" Firstly, why you're running around with ladders and secondly I've heard and seen you before. You're just another cocky celebrity. " 

Niall looks at me with a confused look. I am sure he's going to say something cocky or cheesy but he just nods. We walk in silence to a bus. 

" I know you hate me, but your forehead is bleeding and I think we have some bandage in the tour bus. " Oh great, he's acting cocky already. I decide to nod. I step to the tour bus and see four other lads. 

" Niall who's she ? " Liam asks. 

" Umm this is..."

I interrupt Niall " Becca " . Niall smiles to me but I keep the serious face on. 

" Well hello to you Becca " Harry continues. 

 I nod at him and look around, wow, the bus is fancier than my house. 

" Niall, you ate her tongue, huh ? " Louis smirks and winks at Niall.

Oh my god, I can't believe how cocky they are, I just want that bandage and nothing else. 

I decide to open my mouth " Niall would you show me the bathroom ? ".

Niall looks at me and answers " Sure thing " Then he smiles again, and won't stop looking at me. He then starts to walk, but as soon as I take a few steps I feel a little blurry and whoa. The next thing I know is that Niall squats next to me.

" You okay ? " He looks at me looking worried and this is the first time I believe he's truly worried.  I look at him back and nod. I try to stand up, but I can't, my head hurts so much I have to lay back to the floor. The lads are all around me and Niall holds my hand. Then he takes me to his arms. 

" What the hell are you doing ? " I'm getting a bit annoyed with this Niall being a helpful Prince Charming. 

" Nialler is about to show you places, starting with a long tour about his bedroom. " Louis winks at me, which makes me even more annoyed. And Niall notices it. 

" Fuck off Louis " He sounds really mad, which makes me a bit confused. " You can rest on my bed. " He then smiles to me. What ? Rest on his bed, yuk. 

" No, thank you. I'm fine, lay me on the couch. " I try to get up but my head hurts even more.

" The couch isn't as soft as the bed, and it's missing strings " Louis winks. 

Niall looks at Louis " Shut up Louis, I'm serious. " 

Then he steps to his bedroom and closes the door. Oh great.  He lays me on the bed and says

" Don't listen to Louis, I'm not going to do anything to you " He blushes. " You can rest here all by yourself. I'm not that kind of guy. " He looks really embarrassed and I crack the silence. 

" Okay, I'll be fine with that " Then I smile at him. 


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