When I first saw you

Becca Green, 17, long dirty blonde hair and blue eyes, plays lacrosse in her school's team, just an average girl as you would tell. But what happens when she promises to go to a One Direction's gig with her best friend Cheryl ?


2. Getting ready

Next morning I wake up to a text from Cher

" Hey B, the gig is tomorrow, can't wait. I'm sobbing asdfghjkl. "

" Calm down Cher.x " 

" I can't, btw  r u planning something for today ? "

" Nope "

" Good, I've got an idea ! "

" I'm all ears "

" Well, we could have sleepovers and we could go together to the concert tomorrow ? x "

" sounds good to me Cher, meet me in Starbucks at noon " 

" okaaay B x "

I throw my phone on the pillow and get up. I slowly walk to bathroom and brush my hair and put it on a pony tail. Then I put some mascara on and go downstairs. 

" Morning mum ! "  I shout. 

" Oh, morning Becca. There's some milk in the fridge and cereals are on the counter. " 

" Okay mum " 

I pour some milk and cereals to a bowl and sit next to my mum. She reads a newspaper and I turn the TV on. An interview of One Direction, how great. I am just about to switch the channel until my mum opens her mouth. 

" Hey Becca, I heard Cher got tickets to One Directions concert tomorrow. You're going with her ? I thought you weren't into them ? " 

" And you're right, I am not. But Cher wants me to go with her and since I know how much this means to her, I said yes when she asked me. "

Mum nods " Oh how sweet of you, but I have to go, Danny got sick yesterday. "

" Are you working on saturday ? " I ask.

" Yes dear, but only this saturday. Why ? "

" Oh nothing, Cher's coming today and will stay over night if that's fine ? " 

" That's okay,  I have to work late so you can have the whole house. You'll find some chicken soup from fridge for you two, bye honey. " She closes the door. 

She said the same thing last weekend, she'll have to work late because someone got sick. She's been working like crazy ever since dad died a year ago. I'm lucky I have Cher, she's helped me a lot, because I'm often lonely since there's just two of us, me and mum. 

                     Suddenly I look at the clock. What ? I have 10 minutes left until I'm supposed to meet Cher. I run to upstairs and get some clothes on, then I pack my bag and hurry to my car. When the clock hits 10 past 12 I arrive in front of Starbucks. Cher's already waiting for me and jumps into car. 

"Hey B "  She chirps.

" Morning Cheychey "

She looks at me and we start to laugh. I drive to my place and Cher drags her bag to upstairs. Then we decide to watch some TV before eating. 

" Hey Becca, have you decided what you're going to wear tomorrow ? "

" Dressing up as a Nando's take-away bag, because Niall loves Nando's "

Cher looks at me and I smirk. We both start laughing and I continue.

" No, I have no idea, maybe that t-shirt with flowers on the front and lace on the back and a black lace skirt. Too much lace,huh ? "

Cher looks at me " No, you'll look gorgeous ! "

I smile and ask "What about you ? " .

" I have no idea, this is the biggest night of my life and I'm so confused with everything. I wish I was like you. You're so self-confident and you know what to wear and you're so pretty " 

I look at her  " But not as pretty as you with that white lace dress of mine ".

She looks at me excited " That sounds so great ".

 I take her hand and lead her to my room and start digging my wardrobe. I find the dress quite soon and give it to Cher. She looks so happy while posing in front of the mirror. 

" It looks so great on you " I smile. She starts smiling too. 

" I love you Becca " She screams. 

After trying our clothes on for about an hour we decide to go to twitter. 

" Oh my god, Becca, I think Louis is online ! " 

Here we go again, Cher starts to spam Louis with hundreds of tweets ' ilysm louis follow me babeeh xx' . I laugh at Cher and check my mentions.  ' @itsbecca I love your hair ' I smile a little and tweet back. Then I look at Cher who is literally ripping her face off because Louis followed someone. I smile a little and log out. 

"Hey Cher, too busy ripping your face, huh ? " I laugh.

" Not at all, I think Louis just went offline " She sighs.

I look at her still laughing a little " Stop sobbing I know what makes you feel better, chicken soup, mum said there's some in the fridge, hungry ? "

Cher nods and we go to downstairs. I give Cher a bowl full of chicken soup and we sit down to eat. 

" Hey B, think if we get to see them ! " 

I see she's smiling again and I smile back " Yeah, that would be so awesome ! "

After eating we go back to upstairs and Cher decides to go to shower. I go to my mums room and get an extra mattress for Cher. When I come back I see she's ready and I decide to go to shower. After that we decide to sleep. 


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