When I first saw you

Becca Green, 17, long dirty blonde hair and blue eyes, plays lacrosse in her school's team, just an average girl as you would tell. But what happens when she promises to go to a One Direction's gig with her best friend Cheryl ?


7. Friends or more ?

 Harry pulls me closer to his body, not too close, but still, close enough to me to hear what he says, 

" So Becca you seem like a nice girl... " I stare at him. What is he trying to say ? 

" And Niall is a nice guy, very nice to be honest. " He looks straight at me and I look straight at him. 

" You may have noticed that Niall likes you, a lot. " He looks at me, seeking signs of some kind of understanding. 

" I don't understand, Harry. " I look right into his eyes.

" Becca, the deal is this. Niall told me everything."

" Everything ? "

"Yeah, everything from the kiss to Louis and you. " He looks at me again. 

" Wait, me and Louis ? We're just friends." 

" Still, I'm Niall's best friend and I see how much he suffers. You seem to have no idea how much he likes you and ever since the kiss at the beach he has thought he had some kind of response from you to his feelings. " I look at Harry. I see that he's not trying to fool me, this is real. 

" So what you're trying to say is that Niall has a major crush on me and he's upset because he thinks that I and Louis have something between us ?  " 

" Yeah, and the reason for this all is the fact that Niall doesn't fall in love easily and when he does he falls hard. And I don't want to watch Niall getting heart broken, because of a girl who doesn't respect him or his feelings. " Harry looks a bit frustrated and angry. Oh god, who I could've known ?

" I'm getting a bit annoyed because you're saying things that aren't true. I do respect Niall, really. " Harry looks at the floor and then at me. 

" Oh, you're the one getting all annoyed about this ? " harry raises his voice " You don't really respect him at all, if you did you would've told him you didn't like him that way. That would've been ok. You could've just said that you liked Louis more, but no. You just wanted some attention, didn't you ? " I'm so pissed at the moment, the tears start to form in my eyes and I yell at Harry,

" I'm not a fucking attention whore ! I do care about Niall ! I don't like Louis in that way ! We're just friends having fun. " Harry interrupts me, 

" Yeah and the price for all that fun is Niall's happiness ! " This makes me so mad I can't even handle myself. I look straight at Harry's eyes and start to yell at him louder than I thought I did. 

" You don't fucking know anything about this! Stay the fuck out of my life, okay ? I don't fucking need your advice ! I kiss whoever I want and it can cost whatever it costs ! I don't fucking care! " At this point the music has stopped and everyone is looking at us. I run towards the door, tears streaming down my cheeks. I run to the street and burst in tears. Oh god, Niall hates me, Harry hates me, who doesn't hate me ? It's raining outside but I don't care. My hair gets wet and my mascara runs down my cheeks just like my tears. I cry and cry until I feel a knock on my shoulder. Someone sits next to me, it's Niall. I look at him, 

" I know you hate me you don't need to say it to my face. " He looks at me and answers with a calming voice,

" I don't hate you, I couldn't hate even if I wanted to. " I look at him and he continues, 

" I know we've known each others like 3 days, but in these 3 days I've fallen in love with you. And it's sad because you're breaking my heart. " He looks at the ground while I sniffle,

" This wasn't what I wanted. I never ever wanted to hurt you and make you feel like you do. I know you heard what I yelled to Harry but I was angry and didn't mean it. I care about you, a lot. I feel so safe while I'm with you and I can't imagine my life without you. I was just afraid of getting hurt. I know you have to leave someday, and if I let myself fall in love with you, it'll hurt too much. "  He looks at me with his beautiful blue eyes and I continue, 

" The truth is, I love you. There's nothing between me and Louis, we're just friends having fun. And I didn't realize how much I was hurting you. I never should've kissed you in the first place, and I'm sorry. " He looks at me looking sadder than he has ever been. 

" Becca,  you shouldn't be. These last 3 days have been the best days of my life. " I look at him and say, 

" Wow, you've had a pretty rough life. " He laughs a little and smiles at me. I look straight into his eyes. He leans a little bit forward and kisses me. I kiss him back and he takes me into his arms. We hug about 10 minutes, neither of us saying a word. When he finally stops I ask, 

" So where are we now ? Do you hate me ? " He looks at me smiling, 

"Everyone in life is going to hurt you, you just have to figure out which people are worth the pain. And I would say that you're worth every tear.  " I look at him and nod

" You're so cheesy ! "He smiles and grabs me to a hug.

" But it works and that's the point. " I kiss him and he kisses me back. The kiss is long and I'm enjoying every second of it.  

               After that me and Niall return to the club holding hands. I see Harry who's sitting at the table. I let go of Niall and run over to harry. 

" Harry, I'm so so sorry. I didn't mean it, I was angry, that's all. I want you to be a part of my life like the others are. I don't want to lose you. " Harry looks at me, still not saying a word. I continue, 

" Harry, please ! I beg you, I love you because you made me realize what I really wanted. " Harry looks at me, then without a warning, grabs me to a hug. He whispers in my ear,

" Love you too heartbreaker. " I'm about to cry. It feels so good to be friends with him again. 

" And don't care about the things I said to you, I was just worried about Niall, that's all. I know now that you care about Niall. " He smiles to me as I smile back. The other boys join us and Louis screams, 

" Group hug ! " We all start to laugh. I couldn't be happier. 

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