When I first saw you

Becca Green, 17, long dirty blonde hair and blue eyes, plays lacrosse in her school's team, just an average girl as you would tell. But what happens when she promises to go to a One Direction's gig with her best friend Cheryl ?


6. Clubbing with boys

 I wake up at 1 pm to my phone ringing next to my head.

" Oh crap, it's better to be something important ! " I take the phone and press 'answer'. 

" Hey Miss Ladders ! " I hear a familiar scream through the phone. 

" Good morning to you Louis. " I try to sound friendly and fail. 

" Oh, don't be so grumpy ! Did I woke you ? " 

" Yes Louis, you did. Tell me before I'm going to beat your ass, do you have anything that important ? " I hear Louis laughing and then he answers, 

" Everything what I say is important baby. " 

" You are pushing your luck, love. " I laugh. 

He moans loudly " I almost got scared. " 

" Okay I hang up, bye sweetie. " I start to count,1,2,3,4...

" Wait ! Okay, me and the others are going clubbing tonight at 6 pm. Wanna come ? Bring Cher too if she wants. " 

" I'd love to, but Cher is at her mum's, so she won't be able to come. " I sigh. 

" Still, you should come. It's not a party without you sugar ! " Louis whines. 

" Aww, pick me up at six !  See you there handsome. " Then I hang up. Am I flirting with Louis ? 


                             I stare at my wall sitting on my bed. I have 5 hours to get myself ready, so no rush. I slouch to kitchen and open the fridge. I find a banana yoghurt and decide to eat it. I turn the TV on and take a spoonful of my yoghurt. Soon I finish my yoghurt and slouch back to my room. What should I wear ? A dress, too fancy ? Jeans and a top, too casual ? 

" Ughh ! " I fall on my bed, it shouldn't be so hard to decide what to wear. I lay there for about 10 minutes and then get up. I look at the clock, it's 2 pm already. Great. I decide to shower first. I lock the door and put some music on. Then I start to wash my hair. After washing my hair I shave my legs, then blow-dry my hair. I put my foundation and powder on. What should I do with my hair ? I put some mascara and eyeliner on and decide to curl my hair. Ready ! I look at the mirror, wow. I do look good. I just hope the curls will last. 

*BEEB BEEB * It was my phone. I run to my phone and look at the screen; message from Niall. I open it and read " Hey Becca, got any plans for today ? :) - Niall " 

I answer back " Hey Niall, actually I'm gonna go clubbing with you guys :) " 

*BEEB BEEB* " Glad to hear that :) How you knew ? " 

I answer " Louis asked me to come earlier this morning :) " 

I wait for an answer, nothing. Then suddenly, * BEEB BEEB * 

" Oh, okay. cu then  " What's wrong with Niall. First he's all like yeei and then this. He's kinda odd, men. I decide to open my laptop, 10000 followers, wow. I've gained 7000 followers in just one night, what is this. Then I look again, @NiallOfficial follows you, @Harry_Styles follows you, @zaynmalik follows you, @Louis_Tomlinson follows you, @Real_Liam_Payne follows you. Now I understand. 

                     I then look at the clock again, it's 4.30 pm, what ? I have only 1,5 hours left. I rush to my wardrobe, what should I wear ? Oh my gosh, I'm panicking ! The minutes run faster than they should. I decide to take my minidress, it's short and sparkly, perfect for clubbing I'd say. Then I hear a car arriving to my front door. Oh god, I grab the first white heels I find and rush to the front door. I hear knocking and open the door, it's Louis. 

" Wow, you look stunning ! " He smirks at me. 

" Thank you " I smile back. Louis leads me to the car and opens the door. Everyone smiles at me as I step inside the car. I sit next to Niall and he doesn't even look at me. Does he hate me, and why ? I'm not going to care, though it's easy to say. I don't know why, but I feel bad. I look at Niall, this time he's looking at me. I look at his eyes, I've never seen anything bluer. Then I realize Harry looking at us with a smile. I take my eyes out of Niall and start to stare at him. He quickly turns away and I laugh a little. 

" Here we are ! " I hear Liam shouting from the drivers seat. Everyone steps out of the car and we start walking. Gladly everything goes well, the security guy doesn't even bother to ask my age because I'm with One Direction, cool. Zayn notices that I'm a bit nervous and adds,

" They never ask. " I smile at him and continue walking.  The club looks amazing, spotlights, music, dancing people and a big disco ball. We make our way to a table next to the dance floor. 

We talk a little and laugh. Then suddenly a slow song starts to play. I feel a knock on my shoulder, 

" Hey Becca, umm, you wanna dance ? " It's Niall, he looks a bit insecure as he tries to smile. 

 I smile to him and answer, " Sure ! " Niall leads me to the middle of the dance floor. He comes closer to me and I press my body against his. I lean my head on his shoulder. It feels so right, okay I have to stop this, they'll be gone in a month, I can't let myself fall in love. Niall looks at me and smiles, I smile back. I think this is the happiest I've ever been. The song changes and Niall leads me back to the table. We continue talking as Niall just sits there. I look at him and he smiles. 

" Wooop ! My favorite song ! Becca you have to dance with me ! " Louis screams.

I laugh a little and let Louis take my hand. The dance floor is full and we have to dance closely. I have to admit, Louis dances well. We're dancing really closely, someone would say we're grinding, and maybe we are. I laugh and so does Louis, I'm having fun. I feel kinda safe with him, but not the same way as I do with Niall. When I remember Niall I look at him, he's looking at me with sad eyes. I smile him a little and he turns his face away. Soon the song is over and Louis brings me back. I see Niall standing up, 

" I'll go to the toilets, be right back ! " He shouts and walks away. What was that ? Harry looks at me long before he grabs my arm and says,

" We should dance. " I look at him confused as he leads me to the dance floor, this time we're far away from others... 

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