Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Tianna and Ivy go undercover as a team to find 5 boys to put them in court but what happens when the fall in love with 2 of the boys, will they let the trial run free, or put them in front of a judge


5. uhhhh...............

Ivy's P.O.V

"Lets have some fun", the blonde said. Me and Tianna decided to wait a while to see if they keep doing this, we'll put 'em in court. I bit my lip, "uh, I don't think so", I said trying to back away. I couldn't move, he had his arm around my waist and pulling me tighter. "What did you say?, He said angrily. I got scared and Tianna nodded at me. Can't believe I'm losing my virginity -Sigh-. "I-I said yes" I whispered. "Your having fun with all of us, even her", the one with black hair said pointing at the others and Tianna. I gulped as the curly haired one walked over to me and started kissing my neck up to my lips and taking his hand up my shirt, I have to admit he was pretty hot.


Tianna's P.O.V

I was scared, but it's the only way so they won't know who we really are. The one with black haired quaff came to me and started carrying me bridal style and taking me to a dressing room. He started taking off my clothes and kissing my neck down to my stomach. I couldn't do this really, but I have to or they'll kill me. I didn't do anything at all, I only did the things he commanded me to do. It's more like rape instead of actual love. really don't get why they want to do sexual things with some 'fans'



Sorry again for another short one, I'm working on another story and I hoped you'll like it




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