Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Tianna and Ivy go undercover as a team to find 5 boys to put them in court but what happens when the fall in love with 2 of the boys, will they let the trial run free, or put them in front of a judge


6. Tianna's Almost Nightmare?

I noticed by the look on his face he wanted to rape the living hell out of me, but he quietly said to me


"Look, I know who you are, and you know who I am, so your gonna pretend that i'm raping or else if I'm not the boys will be pissed. Got it." He nodded and said demanding.

I nodded and started making really loud sex noises  

He turned to me "Maybe should have actually f***ed you."

"Why do you say that."

"All I want to hear is those noises screaming in my ear letting me know how much pleasure your in."


I growled at him as he walked across from me





IM BACKKKKKKKKKKK, I know short chappy but sorry anyway I'm back from break and there will be more chapters on the way so stay tuned.



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