Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Tianna and Ivy go undercover as a team to find 5 boys to put them in court but what happens when the fall in love with 2 of the boys, will they let the trial run free, or put them in front of a judge


4. Fun?

"You Two are the two we'll start with and we'll invite more later" He said

Ivy's POV

The boy had curly hair and was tall he looked about the same age as us. But to me I didn't for him much but all those fan girlz screaming I could tell

"These are our guys" Tianna whispered to me

I looked at her and smiled. We then had to go backstage because the concert ended. By the look on Tianna's face I could tell she was happy it was over she was almost about to punch one of those screaming girls dead in there face for screaming in her ear and face.

Tianna's POV

Ivy and I walked back stage to our meeting area. A tall dark haired boy with pretty eyes walked up to me, he had a full arm of a tattoo from until his shirt stopped.

"Well hello sexy" He said

I started to act like one of those perky, dumb blonde girls.

"Hi" I said and then giggled

The five boys looked at each other and then me and Ivy. The blonde one walked up to her and grabbed her waist and whispered in her ear.

Ivy's POV

The cute blondie walked up to me and said

"Why don't we have some fun"


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