Bonjour Paris!

Sequel to " School Love "
Niall and Kiera go on a trip to Paris. Everything is perfect until certain old school 'friends' start to annoy them. Niall has got a big surprise for Kiera. Harry and his girl visit them and things get wild!!


2. Dinner Date!

Hey my lovely readers , I'm so sorry I took this long to repost! I am going to post once a day from now on!! Anyway , back to the story!!
Chapter 2 
I went into the bathroom and looked in the mirror. I wore a knee length navy dress. It had slits on the sides showing a bit of my skin. My hair was straightened and I wore nude heels. 
Niall and I are going out for dinner in the hotel's restaurant. 
" Kiera, are you ready?" Niall asked walking into the bathroom in a white shirt and black trousers. 
"Yep!" I replied. 
Niall took my hand and whispered in my ear " you look gorgeous" . 
I blushed and we headed down to the lobby. 
The minute the elevator door opened, we were blinded by flashing lights. Niall took my hand and we kept our heads low. We made it to the restaurant and the doors were shut after us. 
Niall asked the waiter if he wouldn't mind escorting the paps outside. 
*during diner*
My phone vibrates. I look down and see that I got a text from Brittany. ' hey Kiera! Harry and I are on our way to Paris!! We will be checking in in a couple of hours! Catch up tomorrow at the pool at 11:00? ' 
I texted Brittany back. ' Can't wait till you get here!! That suits perfectly!'
Niall looked at me." You look happy!" 
I smiled " yeah, Brittany and Harry are going to be arriving soon!!" 
Niall and I left the restaurant and went back to our room. We got into bed and I instantly fell asleep in his arms. 
" Goodnight Princess" Niall whispered and kissed me on the forehead. 
So what do u think? Pretty please comment and tell everyone about my story!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! I really love getting comments!! 


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