Bonjour Paris!

Sequel to " School Love "
Niall and Kiera go on a trip to Paris. Everything is perfect until certain old school 'friends' start to annoy them. Niall has got a big surprise for Kiera. Harry and his girl visit them and things get wild!!


1. Arriving in Paris!

Hey guys!! This is my story that follows after "school love" . If u haven't read it yet , I suggest u do! :)
So this is the first chapter of my new story! Hope you enjoy!! :) 
Chapter 1 
Niall and I walked hand in hand up to the fancy hotel called " l'adore" in central Paris. We pushed our way through the crowd and the paps. Niall and I came here on a break and to visit Ryan. Ryan moved here after school. We walked into the hotel lobby. Little six year old girls came up to him asking for his autograph. As Niall took photos with them , i checked us in. 
There was a girl with big sunglasses and a bikini on, standing beside me. She took her glasses off and I realised that it was Vicky. I gave her a nod but she just gave me a smirk. I walked back over to Niall, who now had finished signing his autographs and taking pictures. 
" hey beautiful!" He smiled at me. I laughed and we walked to the lift. As the doors opened a girl stepped out and was eyeing Niall and then she noticed me. It was my cousin , Louise. She did my head in. I bet she was here with Vicky. They were best friends. I was obliged to give her a hug. 
" Louise, how good to see you!" I said in a high voice. Niall smirked at me." Kiera you too!" She said in a false voice. 
I don't know why we pretend that we like each other, our mums just made us I suppose. 
" Well Niall and I better head, bye!" I smiled at her. "Goodbye Kiera! " she smiled back. We went our separate ways when Niall asked " What was that?" " I don't know" I replied. 
Niall started to nimble on my neck. " want to head to bed?" He said grinning at me and wriggling his eyebrows." At 2:00 in the day?" I asked shocked but then i said " You know me so well!" 
I know it's short but it's only a starter. Pretty please like and favourite this story! Comment any thoughts!! 
Love you!! 
Kiera Xx


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