my dream boy(s)

Hi I'm Ella! I'm 17 (nearly 18 ) i have long brown hair and green eyes, and I LOVE music! I just finished school and I am trying to concentrate on my career but some other things are getting in the way. I feel like I'm living the perfect life. I live with my best friends who are always here for me and I now have a new, caring, sweet, perfect, CELEBRITY, boyfriend but I think I'm falling for his best friend and I don't know what to do?! ♥♥


8. --not a chapter--

Hi I'm sorry I haven't updated, some people at school found out about this and it kinda spread, but I deleted the comments and stuff and I'm just going to try and continue so if you are reading this and u just want to make fun of me please don't bother because I don't care! ♥

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