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Hi I'm Ella! I'm 17 (nearly 18 ) i have long brown hair and green eyes, and I LOVE music! I just finished school and I am trying to concentrate on my career but some other things are getting in the way. I feel like I'm living the perfect life. I live with my best friends who are always here for me and I now have a new, caring, sweet, perfect, CELEBRITY, boyfriend but I think I'm falling for his best friend and I don't know what to do?! ♥♥


7. Dream day out! part 3 (sorry for the not very creative names)

    ------Ellas POV-----

When I got outside of the nightclub, I started to recognise the boy who was wiping away my tears delicately with him thumb. He stared into my eyes with his beautiful big dark caramel eyes and asked "Are you okay?"

It took me a couple of seconds to respond because i was still a bit confused and embarrassed but I managed to squeeze out a "Um yeah..thanks"

"Sorry about that crowd, I'm Zayn Malik by the way." He softly said, as if I didn't already know

"I'm Ella (I cant think of a second name), and its okay..I was kind of part of it" He smiled, I couldn't help stare at him..he was..well you know..pretty hot!

"But I'm not one of those crazy screaming fans." I quickly assured him.

"I know, I can tell. " he paused "Ella, I don't do this a lot, but would I be able to have your number?" I smiled at the ground, my cheeks going pink, I was flattered!

"Yeah of course." I slowly read out my number as he typed it into his phone

"Well if you were free some time we could maybe go out and know..go on a date?" He rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly.

I didn't expect him to be nervous about this type of thing, I mean he could have anyone he wanted. Wait..why was he asking me?


"Umm when are you free?"

"Well I'm coming to your concert tomorrow night so maybe then?"

His bodyguard slammed open the fire exit door scaring both Zayn and myself. He gave Zayn a glare.


" I told you to stay there Zayn! You need to listen to me!!"

Zayn rolled his eyes and put his hands into his pockets. But he still kept on looking at me.

"Sorry Ella, I'll call you okay? I promise!" Zayn said as he took a step back from me, he still looked me in the eyes.

His bodyguard chuckled and shook his head.


And with that he left. I started to think about what the bodyguard meant when he shook his head and laughed. Did Zayn do that a lot? I heard a loud ringing which interrupted my thoughts and made me jump. It was just my phone. "KIRSTY CALLING" appeared on my screen in large letters. I had completely forgotten about them. I was still thinking about the bodyguards actions and my awkward conversation with Zayn.


Did you like this chapter? What do you think will happen next? Hope u liked it!

-m Xx



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