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Hi I'm Ella! I'm 17 (nearly 18 ) i have long brown hair and green eyes, and I LOVE music! I just finished school and I am trying to concentrate on my career but some other things are getting in the way. I feel like I'm living the perfect life. I live with my best friends who are always here for me and I now have a new, caring, sweet, perfect, CELEBRITY, boyfriend but I think I'm falling for his best friend and I don't know what to do?! ♥♥


6. Dream day out! part 2

After 6 hours of shopping I was pretty cream-crackered (knackered) *Wild Child quote* but we all still wanted to go out! I can't remember the name of the nightclub but I remember walking into it and thinking..."WOW this is HUGE!".

The nightclub was pretty crowded too, but I didn't really mind, except from the fact that it was quite hot. I noticed a large group of people gathered around a sectioned off "VIP" area..I wanted to know what all the fuss was about so I went over to have a look! I couldn't see who it was so I squeezed through the crowd right up to the barrier and saw him. The INCREDIBLY HOT, Zayn Malik from One Direction.

"Omg!" I squealed

" Kirsty, Martina?!" I looked around me but I couldn't see either of the girls I had entered the club with. Everyone around me was screaming which made it incredibly hard for me to think. I didn't mind before, but being trapped by a bunch of loud strangers, without anyone I knew, was a little bit terrifying. I searched around me for my friends but since I had joined the crowd it had tripled in size and I was just getting pushed closer to the front. 

I started to panic as I reached for my phone to call my friends. No signal. It sounds ridiculous, but I found myself crying in the middle of the busy nightclub. Before I could even begin to process who it was, I found myself being pulled away from the crowd by a tall dark haired boy. He was wearing all black, even his hair, except from a streak of blonde at the side of his quiff. He pulled me away, holding my hand tightly until we went through a heavy door which I guess was the fire exit or something. When we got outside I was still in shock, I had no idea who this person was and I couldn't find my friends. 

     ---Zayn's POV-----

 ps. i know the story until now was written from Ellas POV but i thought that stated to get boring! Thoughts?

-m Xx


As per usual, I wasn't allowed to leave the "VIP" area of the nightclub. Sitting by myself (apart from the bodyguard) was pretty boring but at least I could talk to some of the fans, well the ones who weren't screaming. I saw a girl move to the front of the crowd, she was beautiful. She had long, wavy, brown hair and the nicest green eyes I have ever seen. I think it took her a little while to recognise me because she squinted her eyes for a couple of seconds before smiling at me. I noticed her because she was different from everyone else. She wasn't wearing a tight dress that you could see through, she didn't have an orange face, she wasn't screaming, she just... smiled! 

I don't think she noticed I was looking at her, because she seemed to be looking around for someone else. I wanted to go and talk to her but I was...nervous I guess. After a little while of thinking about going up to her I noticed she started to cry. I stood up to go over to her but my bodyguard grabbed my arm.

"where are you going?" 

"I...need a drink!" Its not that I didn't want to say I was going to talk to a girl, I just hoped that he would offer to go to the bar while I sneak out of the VIP zone.

"You know you cant leave! I will get it, just stay here okay?"

"Thanks, I will!" I lied, my plan worked.

As soon as he left, I went over to the girl. Everyone started to become louder when I climbed out of the sectioned off zone and into the crowd. I held the girls arm and pulled her away from where i had been sitting. We reached a fire exit door and I slammed it open and took her outside.


Sorry this was really long! I hope you liked this chapter! please give me feedback and stuff because it really helps! And also i need a couple of people to be some of 1Ds girlfriends in the next chapter and later on!

If u want to be in it then comment your;




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Thankyou!! :D

-m Xx

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