my dream boy(s)

Hi I'm Ella! I'm 17 (nearly 18 ) i have long brown hair and green eyes, and I LOVE music! I just finished school and I am trying to concentrate on my career but some other things are getting in the way. I feel like I'm living the perfect life. I live with my best friends who are always here for me and I now have a new, caring, sweet, perfect, CELEBRITY, boyfriend but I think I'm falling for his best friend and I don't know what to do?! ♥♥


5. Dream day out! part 1

I woke up to two teenage girls screaming in my ears. I opened my eyes one at a time, only to close them again as soon as the sunlight from my large bedroom skylight started to pour in. Not the best way to start the morning. 

"Wakey wakey sleepy head!?" Kirsty shouted impatiently

"Mmm.." I mumbled

"Come on Ella! Don't you remember? We missed your birthday on Wednesday, because of work, so we're going to have a late birthday day out today?"

"Of course I remember? But I'm tired?" I didn't remember..

"Look, your 18 now, its a pretty big deal? Don't you want to come out today and do something fun? We will buy you an outfit for One Direction tomorrow and a couple of things for your birthday present! And we can go to a club or something later, if you want?" Kirsty tried to persuade me sweetly

"Okay okay, I'm coming, just give me some time to get dressed?!"

"Well wear something a bit dressed up but comfy! We're going out shopping then out later too so you wont have much time to get changed!" Martina pointed at me like she was my mum

"Okay!" I nodded as they both turned around to leave my room.

I dragged my self out of bed and into my on-suit bathroom. It was completely tiled, the walls were covered in white tile and the floor was black marble. The glass sliding door into the open shower was spotless, a little too spotless, I undressed and walked, briskly, towards the shower..well straight into it to be exact. I bounced back cursing loudly and holding my nose and I soon started to fell blood dripping from it. Ugh.

After I showered, and cleaned up, I got dressed, remembering what Martina had told me. I wore some skinny jeans, a burgundy peplum top, a rose gold spiked necklace and some black stilettos. I would have aching feet if I wore these all say so I slipped some gold ballet flats into my handbag.

We shopped for about 6-7 hours, we went to places like Jenners, Top-shop, Anthropologie, John  Lewis and SO many little boutiques I couldn't count.  It so much fun but judging by the amount of bags I brought home I don't think my credit card enjoyed it as much as I did...Oops. My outfit for one direction tomorrow was a white lace, corset type top, some high wasted denim shorts and my favourite, low, mint green converse. I know I will have a lot of skin showing but the weathers going to be nice so I might as well :D

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