my dream boy(s)

Hi I'm Ella! I'm 17 (nearly 18 ) i have long brown hair and green eyes, and I LOVE music! I just finished school and I am trying to concentrate on my career but some other things are getting in the way. I feel like I'm living the perfect life. I live with my best friends who are always here for me and I now have a new, caring, sweet, perfect, CELEBRITY, boyfriend but I think I'm falling for his best friend and I don't know what to do?! ♥♥


4. Dream apartment!

***1 month later***

Martina is all moved in now and our shared apartment is starting to look pretty good, if I say so myself! Although kirsty and martina are the MESSIEST people I have ever met, as weird as it sounds, I like tidying up and I don't mind having to wash the fake tan stains out of the sheets and hoover the whole flat everyday! I love to decorate my bedroom walls with millions of pictures of my friends, family and other things I love! Its kind of become a hobby of mine to stick up every picture i take with my polaroid camera that I have had since I was 10!

martinas moving in day

"Let me give you a tour!" i suggested hopefully

"Okay! But let me put my bags down first?"

"Fine fine! Kirsty will take them!?"

"What did your last slave die of?" Kirsty asked sarcastically,as she bent down to pick up Martinas suitcase and duffel bag, she used that tone A LOT!

"What are you talking about? mums not dead she just retired, silly!"

"Of course..."

"Okay! well as you can see this is the kitchen, slash, dining room, slash, office, slash, sitting room!" i gestured my hands to each of the parts of the large room as I said their names. The room was pretty tidy and clean but some how I knew it wouldn't stay that way..


"yeah i guess! Now this is Kirstys room" I pointed to a white door but I didn't dare open it as i knew it would be like a bomb site!

'And this is my room!" The door was already open a little, Martina politely peeked her head through the door and her eyes opened widely as she stared at the walls covered i photographs, only a couple of spots of the mint green walls peeked through the gaps in the photos.


"Haha, thanks! That's your bathroom there and that's your bedroom!"

Martina ran into her bedroom and span around with her arms out like the was in an american film, she jumped onto her bed banging her head slightly on the wall.

"Owwww, why didn't you tell me there was a wall there?"

Me and Kirsty just laughed. :D

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