Another Now (Punk/ Harry Styles Love Story)

Angel Winters is a 16 year old school girl. Shy, nerd, sensitive, bookworm. But also loves to draw and tires to hide the fact of love. She hates the world love.

Harry Styles is another 16 year old school boy. Bad boy, Gang leader, rebel, carefree and heartless.

When Angel and Harry meet eye to eye. Something happens. Something they didn't think was possible. The world was love.

How can a gang leader love a nerd? And how can a nerd love someone when she hates the world love? Read more and find out


9. Chapter 9

*Warning this chapter skips a bit. But not to far. Still a lot go to just please don't hate me*

Angel's POV

It was almost the end of the year and there was a year 11 dance everyone had to go to. Theme masquerade. One thing I hate dressing up. But I know Harry wants me to and I will for him and him only. We had a ceremony about a few weeks back for me to join their gang. It went well until Paul's gang showed up and ruined everything.

I walked into the school and saw Harry smirking. He walked up to me.

"Got your outfit ready?" Harry asked.

I nodded. "Yup" I said.

Harry smiled. Tonight is the dance. I didn't know what Harry was going to think. I am so scared. Harry wrapped his arms around my waist. I smiled.

"You okay love?" He asked.

"Just thinking about tonight" I said.

"I bet you are going to look beautiful" Harry said.

"I hope" I said.

We sat down with the others and started to talk about tonight. I know all the popular kids are going to look better than me. 

Once school ended. I went over to Eleanor's house. We were all getting changed there and the boys were picking us up. We were all talking.

"Ang why are you scared?" Danielle asked.

"I know that everyone is going to look better than me" I said.

The girls just laughed.

"Gurl no way. You are going to look so beautiful after we have finished with you" Perrie said.

I nodded and sighed deeply. At 5 we all started to get ready.








The girls looked at me. 

"Change now" The girls said.

I sighed and walked into the bathroom.

Hair: a2f8509b3a92cf77f1b4c07bd2c959d2

Once I walked out. The girls mouths dropped.

"Angel you look really beautiful" Gwen said.

I smiled and looked down at 6:30pm. The boys came.

"Quick Angel we will call you" Samantha whispered.

I nodded and walked off.

Harry's POV

We got to Eleanor's house. Louis knocked. Eleanor opened the door and let us in.

The boys:
masks: 3726460305_8ba326bbcf

"Where's Angel?" I asked.

"She's almost done. Hang on" Harmony said.

Harmony walked out. "Angel you ready?" Harmony yelled.

I saw Harmony
walk down. Than I saw Angel my mouth dropped. She looked absolutely beautiful. Liam put my mouth up for me. She stopped walking.

"Angel you look absolutely beautiful" I said.

Angel smiled. I pressed my lips onto hers. We pulled back and smiled.

"Come on girls" The boys said and grabbed our hands.

Angel's POV

We left the house and got into the limo. Harry helped me in. Once everyone was in the limo driver started. When we got to the school. Where it was at but they had it in their big 
theater they built. So they where having it in there. The boys put their masks on. Harry was holding my hand. We stepped out and everyone looked at us. 

All the girls glared at me. Harry squeezed my hand. I smiled. Once we were all inside that's when it started. Harry stuck by me. He also had his arm around me.

"I'll be back going to the bathroom" I said to Harry.

Harry nodded. Lucky we could take off our masks. I smiled and walked into the bathroom. Once I was finished. I saw Harry snogging another girl. My heart broke. They pulled back. Harry looked at me. I could feel tears fall. I ran out of the hall crying.

Danielle's POV

I watched as Angel ran out of the hall crying. I saw Harry looking upset.

"I should see what happened. Be back Liam" I said.

Liam nodded. Everyone else went up to Harry. I walked outside. I tried to find Angel but it was no use until I heard crying. I kept walking and saw Angel sitting under a tree on a bench. I walked over.

"Angel you okay?" I asked and sat by her.

Angel just shrugged. 

"Come on tell me" I said.

"I saw Harry snogging another girl. He didn't care.. I thought he-he loved me. Maybe I was wrong" Angel cried.

I hugged her tightly rubbing her back trying to make her calm down.

"Angel" Harry said.

We looked up. I looked at Angel. Angel shook my head. Harry got to us.

"Harry she doesn't want to talk to you" I said.

"I'm sorry Angel she brought herself onto me" Harry said.

Angel stood up. "You didn't even pull back. This is why I hate the world love because I always end up getting hurt. I HATE YOU HARRY STYLES" Angel yelled her last words and ran.

"Angel" I said.

She kept running.

"Harry leave her alone. You broke her heart. Also give her time" I said.

Harry looked hurt. I ran after Angel.

"Angel" I said and kept yelling out her name.

No answer.

"Angel please" I said.

Harry's POV

I fucked this one up. I really love Angel. I tried to pull back I didn't but she wouldn't let me. Tears fell from my eyes.

"Baby" Tarsha said.

I looked at her. "Piss off" I yelled.

Tarsha smiled. "No baby I want to kiss again" Tarsha said.

"No, no you were the one who kissed me" I snapped.

Eleanor punched Tarhsa. "That is for making my best friend hurt.

Danielle came running back. "I can't find Angel anywhere. I called out her name and everything" Danielle said.

"No" I shouted and ran remembering what she told me the other day.

I saw the others follow. I got to the abounded school toilets and broke the door down. There sat Angel on the floor bleeding. I ran over to her.

"Angel" I said tears falling.

Everyone stood by the door.

"Someone call for an ambulance" I cried.

Louis nodded and rang.

"Angel please" I said holding her close.

Danielle took a massive breath Liam hugged her.

"I'm sorry" I whispered to Angel.


We were at the hospital waiting for the news.

"Anyone here for Angel Winters?" A nurse asked.

We all stood up and the nurse walked over to us.

"She is very lucky but she did lose quit a lot of blood. If you didn't find her when she did we wouldn't have been able to save her" The nurse said.

"Can I see her?" I asked.

"Who are you Family? In a relationship with her?" The nurse asked.

"She's my girlfriend" I said.

The nurse nodded and showed me her room. I thanked her and walked in. I closed the door walking up to Angel kissing her hand.

"I am so sorry Angel" I whispered.

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