Another Now (Punk/ Harry Styles Love Story)

Angel Winters is a 16 year old school girl. Shy, nerd, sensitive, bookworm. But also loves to draw and tires to hide the fact of love. She hates the world love.

Harry Styles is another 16 year old school boy. Bad boy, Gang leader, rebel, carefree and heartless.

When Angel and Harry meet eye to eye. Something happens. Something they didn't think was possible. The world was love.

How can a gang leader love a nerd? And how can a nerd love someone when she hates the world love? Read more and find out


8. Chapter 8


*This chapter is when they welcome Angel in 'The Crushes'. So please no hate might be a little bad but please I hope you enjoy**

Angel's POV

Harry took my somewhere late at night.

"Harry where are we going?" I asked.

Harry just smiled and kept walking me there. I was so confused he has been acting weird all week. Like he would talk to the others and stop when I walk up. I have no idea what he is planning. I am scared but not scared if you know what I mean. We got to a park.

"Harry what are we doing here?" I asked.

Harry smiled and stopped walking. Everyone came out of the bushes.

"This Angel is a ceremony for you joining The Crushes. So this night is for you" Harmony said.

I nodded a little.

"Don't worry nothing bad" Harry whispered.

I nodded and followed the girls. We got somewhere. Eleanor put two mud marks on my face. I smiled.

"Come on now" Danielle said.

I nodded and followed the girls. There was a bon fire.

"Now Angel I told you to bring something you didn't want anymore" Harry said.

I nodded and took a picture of the orphanage out. 

"Alright babe put it in the fire" Harry said.

I did what he said and watched it burn. Harry looked at me and pressed his lips onto mine. Wiping the dirt off. I smiled. We pulled back. Harry kissed the top of my head.

"Now Angel welcome to The Crushes" Harry said.

Everyone cheered and hugged me. I smiled and laughed. They pulled away.

"Now Paul can't hurt you" Harry whispered.

"Your so wrong?" Paul yelled.

We all turned and saw Paul and his gang.

"What's the name of their gang?" I asked Harry.

Harry tried not to laugh I could see that.

"The hoodies" Harry said.

I laughed and covered my mouth. Paul walked up to us his gang following.

"You got something on your face" I told Paul.

"What?" Paul asked.

I smiled and punched him in the nose. "That is for drugging me."

Paul held his nose and went to hit me. Harry grabbed his fist and turned it around. Harry screamed in pain.

"Go on tell your gang. Tell your gang what you did 2 years ago" Harry said.

"No" Paul said.

Harry twisted it even more.

"Ahh No" Paul said and pulled away.

His gang looked mad at him not us.

"What are you keeping from us Paul?" A guy asked.

"Nothing they are lying" Paul said.

"We don't lie we tell the truth. Tell them that you used to be apart of my gang and that you killed the leader of there's didn't you" Harry said.

"You killed the leader?" A girl asked.

"No I didn't" Paul said.

"Just like you kept saying no when you killed my orphanage brother" I snapped.

Harry held me back and shook his head. I looked down.

"You killed my boyfriend. I thought it was The Crushes but it was the one person we trusted the most. Drugging Angel you said it was making her stronger. Did it?" A girl yelled.

"No it didn't. It made her sick and weak because she kept fighting the drug. Which could have killed her" Gwen yelled.

Once Paul's gang left. Harry hugged me. I smiled and put my arms around him.

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