Another Now (Punk/ Harry Styles Love Story)

Angel Winters is a 16 year old school girl. Shy, nerd, sensitive, bookworm. But also loves to draw and tires to hide the fact of love. She hates the world love.

Harry Styles is another 16 year old school boy. Bad boy, Gang leader, rebel, carefree and heartless.

When Angel and Harry meet eye to eye. Something happens. Something they didn't think was possible. The world was love.

How can a gang leader love a nerd? And how can a nerd love someone when she hates the world love? Read more and find out


6. Chapter 6

Angel's POV

I got back home. I told Lisa and Michael what I told Mother Teresa. They nodded. I smiled and got to my room putting my drawings up and putting the clothes Harry brought me away. Paul walked in.

"Fuck off" I said.

Paul smiled and did what I said. I sat at my desk grabbing my sketch book out starting to draw. I drew a picture of Harry. I am giving it to him when I see him next. I am hoping he likes it. Once I finished. I smiled and signed it. Paul walked in. I closed the book. 

"Dinners ready" Paul said.

"Not hungry" I said.

Paul nodded and walked out. I drew other things. But with the Harry I did. I grabbed out an A3 piece of paper. Resting it on something flat. I laid on the ground and drew it bigger than before. I couldn't help but smile every time. Should I give it to Harry Monday? I don't know he might think I am a stalker. I sighed and placed it neatly in my draw since it was finished along with everything. I grabbed a book out and started to read. The book is amazing. 


It was finally Monday. Michael dropped me off at school.

"Thank" I said.

I got out of the car and walked in. All I felt was arms sneak around me waist. I looked and saw Harry. Harry smiled which made me smile. We got to his spot.

"Welcome to the group Angel" Everyone said.

I smiled. Harry sat down which made me sit. I grabbed out the drawing and gave it to Harry. He was confused.

"Look" I said.

Harry unfolded it and look.

"Wow. When did you do that?" Harry asked.

"Saturday after I came home" I said.

Harry smiled. "I love it" Harry said and kissed my cheek.

He placed it in his bag. 

"What was it?" Zayn asked.

"Just a drawing" Harry said.

"You draw" Liam said.

"Yeah. What do you think I do instead of reading all the time or studying?" I asked.

They were silent.

"You guys really thought I was that much of a nerd" I said.

They nodded. I just shrugged. Girls looked at me and glared. 

"Don't worry about them they did it to all of us as well" Perrie said.

The girls nodding along with her. I nodded. The bell rang. All of us stood up. I grabbed my back putting it on. Harry held me hand as we walked through the school. Lucky our lockers are next to each other. I grabbed what I needed out. So did Harry. We closed our lockers and walked off. Once in class. Harry took me to the back. We sat next to each other. Two per table if you know what I mean. 

"You okay?" Harry asked.

"Yeah" I said.

Harry rubbed my back. I coughed. Louis and the others walked in. 

"Whoa Angel are you okay?" Louis asked as he sat in front of us.

I shrugged.

"Shit" Harry said.

"What?" The boys asked.

"Paul drugged her again" Harry whispered so only they could hear.

I looked at Harry.

"He's really got to stop doing that" Eleanor said.

Everyone nodded. I placed my head in my hands which were on the table. No teacher yet. Weird. Harry kept rubbing my back.

"Angel" Harry said.

I slapped him away.

"Yup she is" Harry whispered.

About halfway through still no teacher. So half the students were doing what they want.

Harry's POV

End of lesson. We all stood up but Angel.

"Angel" I said and shook her.

She looked up and looked horrible. I helped Angel up.

"Come on I am taking you to our spot" I said.

But no teachers were around it was so weird. Not even at recess. It was now lunch. Still no sign of teachers. Angel was asleep in my chest. I was talking to the others.

"What is the drug?" Danielle asked.

"I have no idea but I have to find out. You know Friday when Paul took her. They drugged her than too. But it was more than one. And now today" I said puffing out smoke.

By the end of the day still no teachers. We all left. I had to take Angel to my place. I had to text her parents for her.

Me aka Harry:
Lisa I am going to a friends place see you tonight at 9

Okay love. See you then have fun

I smiled and placed Angel's phone away. I drove off to my house. Once there Robin was there again. I rolled my eyes and walked inside. Mum saw me carrying Angel. She ran out.

"What happened?" Mum asked.

"Paul drugged her again" I said.

Mum nodded. I took Angel up to my room and placed her onto the bed. Leaving some aspirin and water on the side for when she woke up. I walked down the stairs. Robin looked at me.

"Are you sure its not her drugging herself?" Robin asked.

"Its not her alright. She's my beautiful, wonderful and very smart girlfriend so I dought she would do drugs okay" I snapped.

Robin sighed and nodded. I heard something smash in my room. I walked up and saw Angel trying to stand. I walked up to her and helped her up.

"Easy" I said.

"Harry where am I?" Angel asked.

"My house love" I said.

"Love. Love. I love you" Angel giggled.

"Alright you need to rest" I said.

"But I'm not tired" Angel said.

Mum and Robin ran up.

"Whoa" Robin said.

"See I told you she couldn't have done this by herself and I know she can't" I said.

Mum walked up. "Angel sweetie you need to rest" Mum said.

"Rest is what dead people do. Matthew's dead. My brother killed Matthew did you know that" Angel laughed.

"What did they drug her with?" Mum asked.

"I don't know its the same one when I brought her here" I said.

"We need to get her to the hospital" Mum said.

"Hospital is for sick people" Angel said and fell asleep in my chest.

"Okay she's out. We have to take her" Mum said.

I nodded and carried her to mum's car. we got in. Mum started it and drove off.

Hey lads, we are taking Angel to the hospital. She isn't doing to well with the drugging. Let the girls know as well

Louis x8 (Meaning boys):
We will lad thanks for letting us know

I put my phone away and stroked Angel's cheek. Once mum got to the hospital. I walked in. Mum is a nurse here.

"My son's girlfriend has been drugged we need to find out which one it is" Mum said getting her gear on.

Nurses nodded. I followed mum. We got to a spare room. I gently placed Angel onto the bed. Another nurse took a sample of her blood.

"She doesn't look like the druggie type" Another nurse said.

"That's because she isn't. Her brother drugged her with I don't know what" I snapped.

Mum calmed me down. "Go sit down on the couch son" Mum said.

I nodded and did what mum said. Once the nurses were out. Mum hooked Angel up to a heart monitor to check her heart beat. People can try and fight the drug. But I am hoping that doesn't kill. The girls and boys walked in. I was now sitting by Angel holding her hand.

"I think she's fighting the drugs and I know that is bad. But I am hoping it doesn't kill her" I said.

Mum walked back in and checked everything. She walked out again.

"You know Harry we are glad you are glad you found the girl for you. Which is Angel. I have never seen you care so much about someone other than your family. Angel is lucky to have you" Zayn said.

I smiled softly. "Thanks guys" I said.

Lisa, Micheal and Paul walked in. Paul smiled. I got mad and punched him.

"That's for drugging her you piece of shit" I snapped.

Louis and Liam held me back.

"Let me go. He deserves it" I yelled.

Mum and nurses ran in.

"Paul get out now. Your not doing any favors by being in here" Mum said.

"I will do it again and again" Paul said.

"Listen to me Paul. The drugs you are giving her she is fighting them. Do you know how dangerous it is for a girl or person who has never had drugs before?" Mum asked Paul.

Paul shook his head but smiled.

"Maybe I want her dead" Paul said.

I got mad and punched Paul again. I smashed him into the wall and kept hitting.

"Leave. Angel. Alone" I snapped.

"How do we know your not the one drugging her?" Paul asked.

I stepped back. "1 I don't take drugs. 2 I only smoke. 3 I don't see Angel as often as you do. Only school. Like I would drug my girlfriend" I said

Angel coughed. We all turned. I walked up.

"Angel" I whispered.

She opened her eyes and smiled. She saw Paul.

"Paul get out" Angel cried.

"Shh..." I said stroking Angel's forehead.

"He did it. He drugged me. He always does" Angel said crying.

Mum walked up. "Angel I need you to calm down for me."

"No. I hate him. I want him gone. He killed Matthew. He killed my brother" I cried and yelled.

"I'm sorry Angel" Mum said and put a needle in Angel's hand.

"He killed Matt..." Angel couldn't finished she fell asleep.

Tears fell from my eyes. Never in my life have I seen someone this bad when they fight the drugs. Why does it have to be Angel?

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