Another Now (Punk/ Harry Styles Love Story)

Angel Winters is a 16 year old school girl. Shy, nerd, sensitive, bookworm. But also loves to draw and tires to hide the fact of love. She hates the world love.

Harry Styles is another 16 year old school boy. Bad boy, Gang leader, rebel, carefree and heartless.

When Angel and Harry meet eye to eye. Something happens. Something they didn't think was possible. The world was love.

How can a gang leader love a nerd? And how can a nerd love someone when she hates the world love? Read more and find out


12. Chapter 12

Angel's POV

I got to school the next day and met up with Harry and the others. Harry smiled and put his arms around me. I smiled as he kissed my cheek.

Louis groaned. "Guys stop."

"You and Eleanor are always cute" Harry said pointing a fact.

I giggled and nodded. A new girl walked in. She had dark clothes on. Black hair with a red fringe. She looked like a bad girl. 

"She better not steal our rep or titles" Perrie huffed.

We all nodded in agreement. Harry picked me up and sat me on the boot of his car. I smiled. He placed his arms around my waist and head in my chest. I chuckled and rubbed his back. Harry looked at me. His emerald green eyes shining through the sun. It made him so cute and handsome. I couldn't help but smile.

"Do you want to stay the night. After we come back from our spot" Harry asked not wanting to provoke the new girl as she started to walk over. Harry doesn't want a new person because he likes both side being equal.

"I would love to Harry. Get away from my brother and foster parents" I said and kissed his forehead.

I wrapped my legs around his torso making him smile and peck my lips.

The new girl laughed. "You have foster parents."

Everyone got mad.

"You can shut up" Harmony said.

Harry kissed my neck. I laughed. He than moved his hands under my shirt. I flinched because of my cold body and his warm hands connecting.

"Your cold baby" Harry said.

I nodded. Harry moved his hands and hugged me rubbing my back trying to warm me up.

"You new kid get out of our spot" Harry said to her getting mad. 

My head was in Harry's chest. The new kid smiled.

"The names Gabrielle but you curly haired boy can call me Gab. Only you and maybe leave your girlfriend" Gabrielle said.

"No way fuck you" Harry said and kissed the top of my head.

Gabrielle smiled and walked off. My arms went around his waist. Harry took his jacket off and put it around you.

"Why are you so cold?" Harry asked.

You just shrugged and the bell went. All of us went to class. Great Gabrielle is in our classes. We got to the back and sat down. Harry let me keep his jacket on. It was so big on me but I didn't care. 


We were finally home. Well I was. Paul greeted me at the door. I shoved him aside and walked in. I got to my room did my homework and did what I needed to do. Just because I am going out with a school bad boy doesn't mean I still can't do my homework. I want to pass year 12. I rubbed my wrist as it started to hurt. I ran my fingers over the scar I have left from when I did cut.

I sighed. What if Harry leaves me for Gabrielle? What if I'm not good for him? Once it was 9. I snuck out of the house and got to 'The Crushes' spot and no one was there. I waited and waited but no one showed. Than it went black. I woke up and found myself in a dark room. Where am I? The light turned on. I saw everyone tied up. 

"What the fuck?" Harry asked as he woke up.

Harry looked over at me. Than Gabrielle and Paul walked down.

"I'm fuckin going to kill you Paul" I shouted.

"Ooh good girl can swear" Gabrielle smirked.

"Shut the fuck up you fuckin loser" I snapped.

"Angel calm down" Harry said.

Paul walked up to me. I kicked him in the man area. He groaned in pain and held his balls. 

"Nice" Louis said.

We all looked at Louis.


When Paul and Gabrielle left. I wiggled my wrist. I pulled myself up. They didn't know I did training for if I was kidnapped in the orphanage. I turned the key with my teeth. Once my fingers got free. I landed on the ground and helped everyone else down.

"How the hell did you do that?" Zayn asked.

"I am a girl full of surprises" I said.

Harry looked at my wrist since it was red. "You hurt yourself doing that didn't you."

"Well I couldn't hang there forever could I" I snap and move my hand.

"What's wrong?" Harry asked.

"Nothing" I said and opened the door slightly.

Paul and Gabrielle where talking with their backs facing us. We all ran out so they couldn't see us. Once we were out of the house. I realised it was mine. Well Paul's.

"What the hell"

Everyone looked at me. 

"This is where I live. But where are Lisa and Michael?" I asked.

I just shrugged. Harry took me to his house. We walked in.

"Mum I'm home. Angel's staying the night" I said.

Anne nodded as she walked down the stairs.

"What happened to your wrist?" She asked.

"We were playing a game and well Louis and Liam tied me up and I had to ah get out" I said.

Anne nodded and walked into the kitchen. Harry and I got to his room.

"Harry" I said.

"Yeah babe" He said.

"Are you ever going to leave for a better person?" I asked looking down.

Harry placed his finger under my chin and made me meet his eyes. 

"Angel I would never leave you. You are the girl for me. You've changed the gang and I so much which we like. If this is about Gabrielle. I have no feelings for her. All of my feelings are for you" Harry whispered and kissed my forehead.

I nodded. "Sorry."

Harry chuckled and hugged me.

****Hope you guys liked this chapter. Thanks for reading. Next chapter will get closer to the gangs fight. So each chapter will get more details into why they are doing the fight for. A gang will lose and a gang will win. But you have to wait and see who. But the catch is if Harry's gang lose. Paul gets to take her and hurt her 24/7. She will not be able to see Harry ever again. If Harry's gang wins Angel is safe and Paul will leave her alone. But you have to wait and see who will win****

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