Another Now (Punk/ Harry Styles Love Story)

Angel Winters is a 16 year old school girl. Shy, nerd, sensitive, bookworm. But also loves to draw and tires to hide the fact of love. She hates the world love.

Harry Styles is another 16 year old school boy. Bad boy, Gang leader, rebel, carefree and heartless.

When Angel and Harry meet eye to eye. Something happens. Something they didn't think was possible. The world was love.

How can a gang leader love a nerd? And how can a nerd love someone when she hates the world love? Read more and find out


10. Chapter 10

*Chapter is short by the way only a filler from the last chapter I couldn't fit in. I don't want to long chapters. Hope you like it**

Angel's POV

I opened my eyes to see myself in a white room. I turned and saw Harry asleep. He had tear stains on his cheek. I hate him at the moment but seeing him like this breaks my heart more than it already is.

"Harry" I whispered.

He moved and woke up. Lifting his head. His face lights up as he see's me.

"Angel I am so sorry about last night. I tried to pull away from Tarsha but she kept pushing me back. When she saw you walk out she acting like we were making out. I swear Angel I didn't kiss her. I love you only you" Harry cried.

"Okay Harry stop. It only hurt to see you kiss another girl. I know I overrated and didn't get you a chance to speak but I was hurt. Hurt about everything. Hurt that you could love a girl like me. Hurt that you care about me. Hurt that I was scared to fall in love and hurt that no one cares for me" I whispered.

"Babe you don't need to hurt. But please never ever cut again" Harry said.

I nodded. Harry hugged me. I hugged back. The boys and girls walked in.

"Aww" Eleanor said.

We pulled back and smiled.

"You know Angel all the teachers told us just before we left in the ambulance that you won the best dressed award. All the girls had the same idea different colours. Well apart from us. You had the most stylish out of everyone and well all the boys couldn't stop staring at you" Zoe said.

I smiled. 

"We told you" The girls said.

"Yeah I know you did" I said.

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