The story of an individual with Money, Power, and respect struggling and trying to make it back safely into the arms of his beloved!

So you think you know what "Street life" is all about?

Over 50,000 views & described as a "real eye opener" & insightful on the life that young individuals live in the streets of London.

This book takes you in for a ride into the life of an individual trying to maintain the Money, Power, and respect that comes from living this life while struggling and going through obsticles trying to make it back home safely into the arms of his beloved!

It also helps explain, as well as show you, and takes you deep into the real life, the street life, where many have failed and died trying to stay alive while also staying focus and keeping a dream alive.



Everyday I’m outside my house smoking on hulk, whilst staring deep into the clouds, either my phone rings or someone I know approaches me and blows my high! Certain people love ringing my line to tell me about motives relating to money which immediately is breaking the street code of never talking business on the phone. Secondly, they don’t ever seem to plan it right on how they are going to do it and just do it and end up getting caught and given a long sentence to contemplate on their stupidity. Those that do approach me, they immediately start telling me their motives and plans and later wonder why it didn’t work out. The way I see it, before they came to me they probably had opened their mouths and business to a bunch of people. Me, I keep myself to myself and maintain everything on mute! All these loud mouths that constantly stay talking about guns, drugs, money and females, half of them are confused between reality and Television. What you see on T.V isn’t reality, but a representation of reality and with that being said, they’re not about that life! I’m from the generation of the thinkers so just know if I plan it right, you can receive a beating and left deadly on the ground more shocking then a bmx trick! I don’t do beef, I do war because beef is for pussies and like pussy, beef also bleeds. Time is W.A.T.C.H and if I don’t W.A.T.C.H, then my baby will starve! You can’t join this street life without first knowing the rules to this game and being real to it. If your heart and timing isn’t balanced, the robbery will not work because robbing someone requires the right timing and balanced heart. The nightmares that comes from shooting someone, is always bigger than the excitement of having a weapon inbetween your draws. There isn’t anything more stupid, then going jail for having green and something that looks like baby powder. Being given a bird sentence for that will leave you wondering who really is the evil one between the person that put these things out here in these streets or the person that sells it. Like Malcolm x walking through the streets of Harlem holding the Holy Quran, I’m walking through the valley of death everyday with a tool hurting anyone that test me and is standing in my way not Smh’ing like these internet geeks, but poker facing! I’ve lost to many of my friends this year to the streets and its system, so I’m trying to lose the heat I’ve got on me by staying out of the sun. Now if you still want to see what awaits you if you join this life, then go take a look at the cemetery, prison or simply go walk up to a crack head.

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