The story of an individual with Money, Power, and respect struggling and trying to make it back safely into the arms of his beloved!

So you think you know what "Street life" is all about?

Over 50,000 views & described as a "real eye opener" & insightful on the life that young individuals live in the streets of London.

This book takes you in for a ride into the life of an individual trying to maintain the Money, Power, and respect that comes from living this life while struggling and going through obsticles trying to make it back home safely into the arms of his beloved!

It also helps explain, as well as show you, and takes you deep into the real life, the street life, where many have failed and died trying to stay alive while also staying focus and keeping a dream alive.



Every second I waste hungry in these streets and posted in front of something is every innocent individual’s nightmare! These government laws are getting worse each year and so is the hunger inside of me with the streets also getting colder. Just last year, they were giving out EMA payments but the government didn’t seem to think it’s making a big difference to anyone, including those from a poorer background family and so decided to cut it off. Well I’m that neighbourhood thug from Willesden who’s regularly posted outside on the strip (Street) with a black hoody, jeans and leather gloves sagging from my left back pocket, poker facing society with only one thought on my mind. Rob an individual! Life has taught me to never wish for fortune on a shining star, but simply go out there and chase after it! My heart persistently continues to tell me: “Think of how your mother would feel knowing that I robbed someone”, but then my head tells me: “Think of how hard she works just to keep us alive whilst doing a job that is demeaning” which then makes my hands immediately transforms into a fist. The instant this happens, which is everytime and every day, everyone becomes a victim! Whether you accept it or not, slavery still exists in this world and in this country, maybe not bright as x-ray, but unquestionably as bright as cigarette smoke. Whether you’re black, white, mixed race, yellow or whatever you may be. The code of the street is everyone is a target! Just last week, as I was posted on the strip late night grinding, a working man had decided to look at me funny. Due to his choice of action, he had to accept the punishment I gave him as I robbed him of his hard work’s pay. (Figures over 3 bills) Looking lost in my neighbourhood won’t ever get you any sympathy but will simply direct you to your own downfall whether it is by the yg’s or elders. From your money to your jewelry to your phone, by the end of the day you will be handing it over either the easy way or the hard way! From the yg’s to the OG’s we‘re all doing it and our hunger is more incalculable than the one that Starving Marvin has been feeling all these years. I don’t rob any females when its ‘E.T season’, which is every day, but do and will rob any funny looking individual who thinks he is harder than concrete and beat him to a bloody pulp if it gets to this situation! I’m not a saint or your chosen angle and I am not your devil, but I am the neighbourhood thug strapped up with a tool inbetween my draws followed with a hoody over my head and gloves on poker facing you. They have placed a barcode across my forehead so I don’t feel any mercy for you or any pussy individuals I’ve robbed or hurt for standing in my way! The way I see it, it’s either you or me and the rule to survival is, ‘the strongest will survive!’ Whether you choose the easy way of just handing your possessions over or the hard way, with a bruised eye and a knife wound leaking from your body, you will definitely hand it over. (Either your possessions or your life) Since the beginning, the OG’s have always told me and taught me to move in silence in these streets whilst also not talking much. So if it’s that time, then don’t even bother pleading for your life or mercy as it will solely be dependent on the state of the situation. The only religion I trust in these streets is me and my tool, as these individuals will turn their back on you without even having their backs turned to you. There aren’t any angles in these streets as the person you assume and believe is your close friend or had your back in past situations, will turn on you for the right price! (Trust nobody) I’ve had an individual who I treated like my own blood brother, let inside my house, performed crimes with and even shared the same hoes with, who turned his back on me over £10! With me, I never stress or spend time contemplating on things like this because the more I do, the more an innocent person would have to endure just to calm me down! I mean business when it comes to me and what’s mine. Loyalty is the most precious thing you can give to anyone but at the same time, it’s the hardest thing to find in these streets!

A man might go out and kill for you, but will he be willing to die for you?


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